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Roblox is worldwide famous. Every gamer and all YouTubers making their content on the game are. Aware of its name. There are many facts hidden under the title. However, we are going to reveal various interesting facts about it. 

Recently, we have seen a tremendous interest in this platform. All games have different and unique queries related to the game and this platform. We analyzed each thing and prepared this article to help you solve all your dilemma regarding this game and gaming website.

What is www.roblox.con?

As everyone knows, this is an online gaming platform that gained worldwide popularity. At first, this platform was known as Roblox v., But it was named Roblox.

There are different games available, and you can find more than ten genres available on the platform. This is more exceptional than other gaming websites because it provides an allowance to gamers.

Gamers can launch its games on this platform. Gamers can earn Robux from it and also spend it on their gameplay. There are numerous features available that entertain them. Some games on these platforms are free, and some are unlocked with Robux. 

How much does 2000 Robux cost?

As per recent reports to get two thousand Robux, you have to spend $24.99. Accordingly, the amount will increase with the increasing amount. 

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Is Roblox free?

The www.roblox.con is free to download, and some games are free to play. There are some premium games for which one must need Robux. Like Bloxburg, which previously asked for 25, Robux is now available for free. Some changes happen regularly. Nowadays, most games are free, but some authorized and premium games are not available for free.

Is the content available in Roblox suitable for all ages?

In www.roblox.con the authority said that it is safe for all kids above four years. Previously it was safe for any kid above seven years. But now, after implementing various new restrictions and regulations, it is safe for kids. 

Also, Roblox introduced a parental security system. With the help of this system, Guardians can control all activities of their kids on this website, and they can restrict chat sections and adults contents from the website. 

Though, Roblox, with his AI intelligence, restricts all adult content and such content which are not suitable for a baby. There are different principles available.

What is the principle of parental control in Roblox?

In www.roblox.con, there are some facts and rules available, which we describe below, but before anything, let’s know how to turn it on:

  • Log into the account in the app.
  • Click the More button indicated with three dots located at the lower-right corner of the page
  • In the pop-up menu, select the Settings option
  • Select Parental Controls in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen
  • In the Account Restrictions section, press the toggle button to turn on Account Restrictions
  • The toggle will turn green, and the following message will be displayed “Account Restrictions is currently enabled.”
  • If you would like to disable Account Restrictions, press the toggle button again 

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In this way, parents can limit or disable online chat capabilities, restrict access to a curated list of age‑appropriate games and customize monthly spend restrictions and securely spend notification frequency.

What are the available latest Roblox promocodes 2022?

For more help, we are sharing some free promotional codes here, which will help you unlock different tools and give you free Robux.

  • StrikeAPose: Hustle Hat
  • DIY: Kinetic Staff
  • WorldAlive: Crystalline Companion
  • SettingTheStage: Build it Backpack
  • VictoryLap: Cardio Cans
  • GetMoving: Speedy Shades
  • SPIDERCOLA: Spider Cola shoulder pet
  • TWEETROBLOX: The Bird Says shoulder pet
  • ParticleWizard: Tomes of the Magus’s shoulders
  • FXArtist: Artist Backpack
  • Boardwalk: Ring of Flames waist
  • ThingsGoBoom: Ghastly Aura waist
  • Glimmer: Head Slime accessory


Hopefully, everything about www.roblox.con is clear. We try to gather all information about the platform and present it here to present details and go through it carefully to know all facts about this platform.

Please share your experiences with us through the comment section below. We would love to hear your feedback. 

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