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Wine Garden

Wine Garden Inn is the combination of two words, i.e., Wine + Garden. The combination of both words means a wine factory or a place where wine is manufactured. But here, Wine Garden, the website deals with helping the online readers to verify the products, websites, discount codes, and news related to celebs, health, smart devices, and gaming.

The website will be refreshed and restructured in 2021 by a group of techies to open the door for new hunters. Earlier, the Wine Garden Inn was the website owned by Kelly and Young, also the Hotel owner of Winegarden Inn. It was located in the 1901 Queen Anne Victorian Mansion in the small town of Cloverdale, CA. 

Is Wine Garden Inn still open?

Winegardeninn was closed during the COVID period; the reason for closing is still unknown. But if you visit their social media page like Facebook, the last post was made on 14th Feb 2021. The image of Wine Garden Inn is given below:

As per the public rating, it received 4.8/5 stars which is excellent if we believe a few users reviewed it as the finest bed and breakfast, aka B&B of Healdsburg area, CA (USA). Most of the reviews by the visitors show it was a must to visit the place; they were also best known for their waffles and Late Harvest Zin. 

Most of the time, people from nearby places visit the Wine Garden Inn to have breakfast and taste the fine Zin from Kelly & Young. But we don’t have any such proof so that we can say that they are still serving.

However, we tried to reach their old contacts, but the phone line is not reachable to date. But we believe they will start again and continue their happy services so that visitors can get a chance to taste Wine Garden’s special Waffles and Zin. By the way, some of the most favorable dishes from their menu lists are:

  • Fried Chicken and Sauvignon Blanc 
  • Heirloom TOmato
  • Muffins