Olia Hair Color Reviews by 50+ Customers Check Out 2022

Olia Hair Color Reviews

Olia hair color reviews – worthy of buying or a waste of money? Read what we found during our analysis of user reactions. Know the pros and cons.


Hair colors are one of the top picks for changing looks within a few hours. Coloring is also harmful to hair; to keep the damage at least, one must be very careful about choosing a color with fewer toxic chemicals. There are hundreds of companies available.

Though all of them are not good or fulfill all assured promises, some are not trustworthy enough, and several fake companies are there to fool you and cheat on you to profit from you. But recently, Olia’s hair makes people look at them. And people are not known if it is helpful or not. We are here to let you know about all these. 

About Olia hair color 

Our article is based on Olia hair color reviews. Naturally, the first and foremost thing is about to know themselves for more explicit information. This brand is a sub-brand of Garnier. And the main attraction of these brands is the various color options. They have more than 50 shades of color in their categories. They also assured us that they have some essential oils to cure hair.


Another important thing about this product is that it is readily available on all platforms and all websites and is a pretty easy-grab product. But the one thing which always makes people worry about is the effects of the products. To reveal such things, we have to move forward.


  • Category: hair color 
  • Parental brand: Garnier 
  • Price: $4:19
  • Total weight: 9.3 ounced

What are the different varieties of color available in olia?

In this olia hair color reviews, we also share all available color varients to help customers:

  • Night black
  • Black
  • Deep cherry
  • Dark red
  • Deep violet
  • Intense red
  • Brown
  • Folden blonde 
  • Dark blonde
  • Rose gold
  • Light pearl blonde 

What are the ingredients available there in this product?

To let you the olia hair color reviews, we have to share all Ingrid information about their ingredients for a better insight of the product.

  • Water
  • Paraffin 
  • Cetearyl alcohol 
  • Tocopherol
  • Camellia oleiferia seed oil
  • Citric acid
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate 
  • Caster oil
  • Resorcin9l
  • Edta
  • Ascorbic ac8d
  • Passiflora 
  • Meadowfoam
  • Thiogycerin


  • This product is ammonia free and protects hair.
  • There are different color options available to choose from.
  • It takes a little less time to apply on hair.


  • This product may cause allergies and damage skin.
  • Some color of this product always remains unavailable for access.

Is Olia hair color legit?


Now, we are on our way to revealing the product’s legitimacy. In our analysis, we found this product legit but not suitable for skin. We got terrible reviews and responses from everywhere. Yes, there are some excellent responses, but their amount is significantly less.

The effect of the product is not good, and most people mark it as a waste of money. The Amazon rating is neutral at 3.5. After judging all facts and looking at mixed responses, we kept it a harmful product with a 42% trust score.

What are the Olia hair color reviews?

Let’s move forward to the reviews from real customers. Here you can find a definite picture of the product more clearly.

Latin hunt said, 

She tried the rose gold color, but she gets disappointed with the effect. The color turned red each day, and her hair became extremely dry.

Perla said,


The color is excellent and accessible to the application, but the most important thing is it caused allergies throughout my skin on the head, and it turned out to be red allergies.

Bella said,

She actually lobe the blonde color, but after application on her hair, she faced a lot of itchiness and dryness in her hair.

Montana said,

She always uses this product when she needs to style her hair, but she runs out of money. It is not that good but pocket friendly, and it looks pretty good on hair.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score  42% 
Social media presence Yes 
Customer opinion Yes

The Olia hair color reviews found this is not a 100% good product, and it may cause allergies and itchiness and make hair dry. But for one who is looking for pocket-friendly solutions for intense color, it is a good pick.

We are waiting to see your responses in the comment section below. Do let us know about your views on this product.


How long does the color last?


The hair color lasts atleast seven to eight weeks after application.

What is the recommended time gap for color application?

The recommended gap is four to five weeks after each time you dye hair.


Which brand is good for hair coloring?

Herbatint is a good brand for coloring.

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