Is Otto Insurance Legit Or Not? 100+ User Review 2022

Is Otto Insurance Legit

Is Otto insurance legit? Are you scratching your head about the Otto insurance provider or thinking, is it safe? Then read the user reviews below.


Well, don’t worry, this article will cover everything you need to know about this company. Unfortunately, finding an appropriate insurance provider has become a headache nowadays; however, the Otto insurance company has proved to be one of a kind.

To ensure you’re receiving the most terrific deal, you must analyze quotes if you’re hunting for new insurance. For this reason, many people nowadays are turning to websites that help them compare quotes. However, how to confirm if Otto is a trustworthy website amidst hundreds of options? Read more to find out.

What is Otto Insurance?

Before we go into the section- is Otto insurance legit? Let us know about this company in detail. It can be said that instead of being an insurer itself, Otto insurance is a consultant company. It doesn’t work by providing estimates immediately; instead, it generates leads and transmits your relevant data to its enormous community of diverse collaborators. 


The CEO of Otto insurance is Joshua Keller. Even though it’s been a part of the insurance industry since 2006, the company still lacks recognition from BBB. Regardless, the organization’s adequacy and responsiveness can connect its clients with the best leads in no time. 


  • CEO – Joshua Keller
  • Based in: Miami, Florida, 33139
  • Contact no.: +1 888-804-5641, 1-888-596-1534
  • Established in: 2006
  • Official helpline: [email protected]
  • Categories: Pet, Auto, Home, Life

Pros of Otto Insurance 

  • Impressive networking
  • Less time taking

 Cons of Otto Insurance 

  • No official license and accreditation
  • The quantity of quotes received is significantly less
  • Possibility of false quote prices
  • Demands a great deal of personal information for sharing with its collaborators
  • Several spam calls/emails

 Is Otto Insurance Legit?

There is no significant and absolute information about otto on its parent website. Additionally, you will be confused because you will encounter two URLs of the same name. But it is a real and legit site that provides leads, even though dissatisfactory. 


We likewise figured out that it was proclaimed a ceased administration by the BBB. But upon digging up more, we learned that their website and contact number are functional and still active.

What are the customer reviews?


After covering the section – Is otto insurance legit? Let us know what people have to say about this firm. It is a harsh truth that people have commented negatively about the services. So, when people read these comments on quora or any other review platform, they think of it as a scam. 


Mostly, people face issues regarding unsolicited calls and messages. Customers have also stated that they are highly disappointed in the number of quotes and their authenticity.

They aren’t frauds, but the clients have expressed discontent about not receiving what they signed up for. More than 75% of people have given it a 1-star rating. Besides, individuals feel that the organization is deluding them by not being clear about their essential services. 

Therefore, it would be best to go through its T&C before giving your details. However, with Otto, you need not bother about any malware.

Final verdict


By now, you must have acquired the basics of how otto works by giving leads to its clients. The company’s primary advantage lies in its vast network. Nevertheless, their most significant disadvantage lies in all those spam emails and calls received by their customers. Hence, it has got hate comments regarding its services. 

So, give it a try only if you’re ready to share your details and unbothered about spam calls. We hope this article “is otto insurance legit” helped you.

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