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Is Ladelay Legit Or Not? Scam Alert 2022

Is ladelay legit? Are you looking for a website with good deals and pocket-friendly purchases on daily necessities? Read all about this website with 50+ user reviews.

It provides all this under one platform by launching new products from different companies. But this website is young and does not has a huge cloud to support its authenticity.

Purchasing any product from a newly created website puts your finances at risk, or fraudulent sources may store your credit card information. New alerts are spread in the United States to stay safe from these scammers. In this article, let us verify if is a scam or an authentic shopping platform.

What is ladelay?

It is a new online Mall with everyday necessities is items put on sale from different brands. They deal in kitchen appliances, women’s sanitary pads, motors, car parts, gaming accessories, and much more. The platform got launched recently in June 2021. Therefore, many people started wondering, is ladelay legit?

The domain-only allows one customer to purchase an amount of under 99 dollars for shopping. There is only one category of products available on the menu, Kitchen appliances, and all the other products can be bought only through daily launch.


  • Email: You can send your problems to the [email protected] mailing address.
  • Number: For customer support, you can call them at(435)730-6500.
  • Address: The returning address provided by the website is 513 holidays at Brigham city in the United States, 84302.
  • Shipping: The shipping date will get analyzed after confirming an order. The delivery fees will get added according to the expenditure. For example, $50 packages will get charged $10, and $1000 packages will get charged $75 fees.
  • Delivery method: They have partnered with FedEx to complete all the shipping.
  • Social media: Absent
  • Type of website: It is a brand dealing in all lifestyle products.
  • Refund Policy: You can return the item within 30 days.
  • Payment: You can use any online payment service. They do not allow COD.


  • The website promotes many small brands.
  • They have a variety of items.
  • Multiple payment methods are accepted.


  • The website does not have a stock of any particular product.
  • All the contents available on the source seem plagiarized.
  • No authentic customer support.

Is ladelay Legit?

Here are some aspects that will help you determine whether is ladelay legit?

Website Age: it is a new domain found in June 2021. So there are not many trusted customers.

Trust Score of Website: it has a poor trust score because of slow traffic and no clout.

Contact details: The contact details provided by them seem plagiarized. The address shared on the website points out to a home and not any warehouse. The email presented by them belongs to a person and looks sketchy. They have refrained from sharing the contact details of the owner.

Website Originality: Most of the pictures loaded seem plagiarised and Photoshop from other websites. The SSL certificate does not get issued by the original company. We found that Visa, PayPal, and other payment services icons are fake and do not represent any link.

Ladelay reviews: There are no registered responses on the website or open sources.

Social media: The brand has no presence on any social media platforms. 

To summarize the above information, we would say that it does not seem like a legitimate brand, and you should not waste your time on it. 

What are the customer reviews on ladelay?

After much research, we filled in to find any documented review on any authentic source. The website is very young, and therefore, it lacks any traffic or registered customer response. The company has not created any social media handles on these platforms to avoid attention from the audience. 

Most fraudulent websites avoid getting much fame from social media. So they cannot be tagged by customers as scammers. All the points mentioned above helped us to find is ladelay Legit? The domain got blacklisted by some open sources because of its sketchy policies.


Is ladelay Legit? After going through all the information contained above. You can conclude that we are not confident about its authenticity and recommend our readers to purchase products only from authentic e-commerces. Such deceitful sources can put your finances at risk.

Please share your experience with us in the comment section. We love hearing from you.

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