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Is driveway legit

Several confusing arguments are available over “Is driveway legit.” If yes, we will surely help you reach the answer to this question. Read our article for detailed information.

Nowadays nobody can live without cars whether they use an old or new one but having a car has become necessary. But buying a car from a good website matter to you the most so that you won’t face any difficulty in the future.

What is a driveway?

It is a car company that helps you buy or sell new or used cars online. It is limited not only to car purchase or sell options, but it will also help you refinance your cars without putting much stress and pressure on you.


  • Shops cars,
  • Selling and trading your car,
  • Service and maintenance of cars.

“Is driveway legit” please say on the page?


  • Website URL:
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Contact details: (888) DRV-EWAY
  • Driveway fees: Free

How to buy a car through the driveway?

Buying a car through a driveway is as simple as buying or selling the car on another website. We look towards the several steps which help you to do so:

  • First of all, connect your device to an excellent internet.
  • Open your web browser, google chrome, Mozilla, or whatever you want.
  • Visit the official website.
  • Under the search option, if you want to purchase used cars, the type used cars in the option; otherwise, if you want a new one, type new cars in the option.
  • Here you get many options and filter to search your car with the model number, price, color, features, etc.
  • You can explore your search with various options. You will get more than 20,000 used car options there.

We quickly move on to check, “Is driveway legit.”

How can you sell the car through the driveway?

The process is as similar to the purchase of a car. Let’s check out its process to know the car’s selling through the driveway in a better way:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Visit the sales and trade page, where you need to give your car details like your card number, model number, VIN, plate number, etc.
  • The details will pass on to the team after some days they visit your address to get the inspection done of your car.
  • Then, the company gives you the car’s value after estimating all the important factors and gives you seven days to make the right decision for your car.
  • When you accept the approval by the company, it gives you a specified date to pick up the vehicle. Be ready with your vehicles as the agent took away as promised.
  • The inspection team does the test drive for a minimum of 30 minutes, and if they are satisfied with the condition of your car, they will make your payment within two business days. But if you want the check, it may take several days to process.
  • If you want to purchase new cars, follow the same procedure; you need to type new cars in the search option, and you will feel good that there are more than 13,000 cars available on this website.


  • The company gives you a live chat option.
  • Money-back guarantee by the company.
  • It makes buying or selling cars the easiest way.
  • It will give you a seven-day money guarantee.
  • Gives you a transparent system of car dealing.


  • The customer service is poor.
  • The company takes much time doing the financial transactions that cause conflicts between the customers and the company.

Is driveway legit?

Yes, it is the legit one as per the google report as they have provided this company a higher rating of4/5. However, customers’ ratings on trust pilot and bb are not good. But as per the google ranking and social media presence, we can consider this company legit.

What are the driveway reviews by the customers?

After knowing “Is driveway legit,” let’s move further. Hope you are finding the customer’s reviews to get a better car, so we have come up with various customer reviews and finally say that we have received mixed reviews from the customers. But most of the customers are not satisfied with the services of this company.

Some people said, “We were delighted with the services provided by this company. Communication was excellent; services were great by the company. 

Few complained that the staff was very unprofessional and they give you the bad business and their vehicles are damaged.

Hence the customers provided an overall rating of 2.3 out of 5, which is considered a poor rating for the customers.


That’s all for this day! We can conclude that driveway is a legit website and gives you hassle-free services for dealing with cars.

Is driveway legit” Please share your opinions in the comment section.

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