Daddy Cool Malayalam Movie Child Actor

Daddy cool Malayalam movie child actor

Remember the child who worked in Daddy cool Malayalam movie child actor? The film was released in 2009. And the bright talkative child managed to get all their attention with his all charm. Many people are curious about his background history as people love to know all facts and details about celebrities. 


Here in this article, we shared all information about the child actor, his background, and other interesting facts. Hopefully, you would love to know all such things and let’s reveal all those unheard details about him. Though the movie’s rating is not soo high, the emotional outcome attracted people’s attention.

About daddy cool

This Malayalam film is an action movie that was released in 2009. The name of the director of the movie is Ashiq Abu. This movie is mainly based on a father’s struggle to save his son. It is a story of a police officer. In his duty, he killed a local gangster without any intention, which was an accident. Let’s know who is daddy cool Malayalam movie child actor?

To take revenge on the police officer, other group members kidnapped his only son, and after that, the story revolved around how he saved his son and all his struggles to get him back. In this movie, Mammooty played the principal protagonist police officer, and Richa Pallod played the role of his wife. The story have emotional impact and powerful action altogether which is great entertaining combination.

Daddy cool cast


Bedore is going deep into daddy cool Malayalam movie child actor. Let’s take a deep dive into the casting and the post-production section of the movie. 

Cast name  

Cast nameCharacter name
MammottyAntony Simon
RichaAntony’s wife
DhananjayAdi his kid
Biju menonLeader of gand
Ashish vidhyaVillain

The name of the director of this movie is Aashiq A. Bijibal, the music director, and S. Thahir is the name of the cinematographer. The shooting and the movie’s location where the whole scene settled in cochin and Hong Kong. 

Daddy cool Malayalam movie child actor


The child who played the role of the officer’s kid is Dhananjay. He is a continuous actor in of Malayalam film industry. His full name is Master Dhananjay. He debuted in the Malayalam film industry with the film. After that, he was part of different films like pratheekshayode, thathwamasi. But in this career, the milestone is pratheekshayode.


This film does massive business at the box offices and gets into the list of 2014 blockbuster films. With this film, he established more prominently in this industry. In his debut film, his reel name is Adi Antony. We given some important information in the chart below to let our readers know more in brief.

NameMaster Dhananjay
IndustryMalayalam, telegu
Notable workDaddy cool, pratheekshayode
Debut workDaddy cool

Though after 2014, his last hit movie, he wasn’t seen on the big screen anymore. Though there are some game shows he appeared in apart from the film. The name of the specific show is kid’s Ashwamedha. This show was on aired in 2015. And somehow, that is the last time this daddy cool Malayalam movie child actor is appered on screen. 

Also, he made a small appearance in a comedy show named comedy super nite with Nayantara, another child actress. Here is all the information about this actor. There is no such detailed information about this child actor on the internet. However, we shared all valuable information here.



The daddy cool Malayalam movie child actor Master Dhananjay is a bright child actor with much potential. But after 2015, he didn’t appear on the screen. We can say that after 2015 he lost in the darkness of industry. He is a bright child actor who leaves excellent information in contemporary movies. But now it is tough to get any information about him.

Hopefully, all this information will help you know his career to its fullest extent. Do let us know all such information about him in the comment section below.

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