December 16, 2022

Cloverdale Citrus Fair

Cloverdale Citrus Fair

Cloverdale Citrus Fair

The Cloverdale Citrus Fair is a community event celebrating the growing of local wine and citrus. Since 1892, the Cloverdale Fairgrounds has hosted this annual celebration. During the festival, attendees can enjoy a carnival, live music, contests, and agricultural 4-H shows. The fair is an ideal way to spend a weekend in the midst of the beautiful scenery of California’s Central Valley. A perfect time to visit is spring.

The Cloverdale Citrus Fair has grown over the years. In the 1990s, the wine competition was expanded to include more wine regions. The wine competition is now one of the largest North American wine competitions. It includes over five thousand wines from over a thousand wineries across the country. In this year’s competition, 48 judges from a variety of wine regions evaluated the 5,816 wines. In 2000, the Cloverdale Citrus Fair expanded to include all of the North Coast Appellation, including Napa and Sonoma counties.

The Cloverdale Citrus Fair is renowned for its beauty queen pageant, livestock shows, and live music. There are also games, carnival rides, and an orange-juicing contest. The Cloverdale Fairgrounds is the location of this four-day event. Tickets are available online at eTix or in person at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds office. The fair has been an important part of the local community since its inception and continues to reflect the changes in agriculture and culture of the area.

In addition to the fair, there are the annual Citrus Festival, which features a parade, a carnival, craft, and citrus exhibit, and an animal show. The Citrus Fair has provided funding for various fair programs, and is an important community asset. Aside from the festivities, the fair is a good venue for fund raising events and receptions.

The Cloverdale Citrus Fair was originally organized to celebrate the abundant citrus crop in the region. As the Cloverdale Citrus Fair expanded to other regions, the contests and events have changed. Traditionally, the Cloverdale Citrus Fair is held on President’s Day weekend. This year, however, the event will be moved to April 21-24, so that it can accommodate staff members. The 2018 extravaganza will feature a carnival, citrus exhibits, and a parade. The theme will be Under the Big Top.

The Cloverdale Citrus Fair, although not the primary Sonoma County fair, is a large and popular event that reflects the local trend in agriculture. For instance, in 2000, the wine competition expanded to include all wineries in the North Coast Appellation. This makes the Cloverdale Citrus Fair a unique event that encapsulates all of the best that the town of Cloverdale has to offer. In fact, it has been said that the fair is “the best event of the year” in Cloverdale.