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How to activate card? Read the below information on activation process. Also, know the pros, cons and benefits of the card.


Having an online purchasing card and controlling it online through its gateway is much better than handling dollars physically. But the wonderful technical improvements have made it possible.

One such variant is the Prepaid Balance Card. It has recently become the talk of the town because they are the most practical and appropriate alternatives for all individuals. Keep reading to know more about this card and how to activate it.

About prepaidgiftbalance card

Prepaidgiftbalance cards are just like any other payment card. All American retailers acknowledge this card for payment and transactions. activate you the option to choose from:

  • master card or
  • visa card

It lets its users check their balances by logging into their corresponding portals. It doesn’t require you to pay extra/hidden fees. Additionally, one can buy stuff from e-commercial websites and physical stores from this card. 

The customer must understand that once they get their card, they must move forward with the activation process. In this way, they can begin doing their transactions with this card.

Let us find out the steps required for registering and activating this card in the upcoming segments.

Registering on the PrepaidGiftBalance Account


Before you get your hands on activate card, and register yourself on the portal.

  1. Open
  2. Register yourself by giving account credentials
  3. Press “Next.”
  4. Set your account
  5. Now, you can access your purchase history

Registering yourself in this portal can be done in these simple steps. Furthermore, after a user has registered them, they can input their login credentials to access their accounts. activate card

  • Present a solicitation. You will then get all the details concerning your card. Furthermore, you’ll also be provided with the user agreement.
  • The next step involves you opening the gateway to actuate the map. Put in your card details
  • Click on “Start Session.”
  • Fill out details under the “Create Profile” section
  • Click the “Submit” button
  • Get the activation code from your email
  • Your card is activated


  • Website:
  • Cards available: Master and Visa
  • Contact number: 1-888-853-9536

Pros of Prepaidgiftbalance card

  • Check your balance anywhere
  • Zero fees for activating
  • Card validity is decent
  • Allows you for both online/offline purchases
  • Users may choose between 2 card variants as per their preference

Cons of Prepaidgiftbalance card

  • Requires you to pay fees for maintenance purposes till a year
  • No activity for a longer time will cost you some bucks

Is legit?

Now that you have acquired enough information about activate card, let us know about the legitimacy of this company/service. 


Yes, it is a legit website and service. The trust score is about 70% for this website. However, despite being legit and real, the reviews do not seem so delightful. People hate their service. Moreover, we found that their official portal is mostly inaccessible.

Reviews for the website

Testimonials help with branding and the marketing of a product or website. Furthermore, they aid in establishing trust and commitment by conveying what makes your products distinct. We identified hundreds of reviews about prepaidgiftbalance card from various reliable sources during our research.

Unfortunately, most ratings are of 1-star rating, suggesting that most buyers were unsatisfied with their transactions. People have usually highlighted issues related to consumer support. Moreover, was given 94th rank (compared to various other sites with the same service) by 


A few users have also stated that they found they have zero balance post-opening accounts. Individuals were also annoyed at the fact that they got cards that were pre-used and had already-existing numbers. The ratio of good to bad reviews is too low, with negative comments taking a toll on the positive ones, even though it is a legitimate website.

Final verdict

We’re in the end section of the article- activate card. Some customers identify it as a legit service; it seems suspicious and a scam to the other users (majority). So, you must go through the T&C thoroughly before deciding whether you want this card. 

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