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Wine Garden Fort Lauderdale – Check Reviews By People

Wine Garden Fort Lauderdale

wine garden fort lauderdale – looking for a place where you can enjoy a posh dinner? Here is something for you. Nowadays, it isn’t enough that one only looks for an excellent place to eat. A ransom number of people are looking for some great ambience. That’s why there is too much hype about theme places. People enjoy going to a different atmosphere to lift their mood or spend quality time with close ones.

Italian is also a loved cuisine among most people. People have different tastes in food, but Italian is something which can have it all. Also, wine made it a complete combo. One restaurant is seeking everyone’s attention with this combination and unique decor. Let’s get all points better.

About wine garden fort lauderdale

This is the only Dine-in restaurant in the U.S. It is an Italian-based restaurant with a different kind of garden theme. The whole atmosphere of greenery and fiery lights lit the entire atmosphere up. And the aromatic Italian food is enough to make you drool over it. 

Though they don’t offer any takeaway or delivery service, also, they are open to any reservation. You can book online or call them to secure the date and the table. The restaurant usually opens after four in the evening according to U.S standard time.


  • Category: restaurant 
  • Genre: Italian 
  • Theme: Garden and nature 
  • Address: 608 breakers avenue, 33304 U.S
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Phone number: 19543022922

wine garden fort lauderdale menu

Let’s know about the wine garden menu. There are different categories available for menu options, and more than five different categories are available for the main menu. Let’s start to unveil the menu.

Tuscan bread$5
Polpette Al Sugo$14
Burrata e prosciutto$15
Carciofo Ripono$14
Salumi and formaggio$21


Gardon gaosar$12
Insalata di rucola$12


Annolotti allo poro gon salsa di parmigiano$21
Posto alla govonosa$22
Pasta vigana$24
Ravioli di argosta$82


Fungi misti$20
Pizza gon burrata$21
Quattro fromaggi$21
Prosciutto e arugula$22

Garden entrees

Risotto al pascare$29
Gostolote e polanta$80
Gotolontta alla milanoso$84


Chocolate or vanilla golato$8
Cream pansatto with straberry reduction$8
Housmade Italian Tiramisu$10
Givilian torta virgio with chocolate$9

Wine bar fort lauderdale

Apart from incredible food, there is a wine bar with an exotic range of wines in the wine garden fort lauderdale. 

Mon Amour Roso$33
Bodvar No9$52
Mas Fi$36
Antonutti Gollovanto$32
Jako Pan Dosa$55
Adriano Admi$42
Gramon Gran Guvee Brut gava Rosorva$58
Vouvo Glicquot$110
Clean Salta$32
Villa wolf$35
Morry Edward$105

Wine garden fort lauderdale instagram

According to our analysis, we didn’t find any Instagram accounts on Instagram. But there are enormous check-in and photos also different reviews on Instagram. Happy customers share food reviews, places and happy moments on their social media accounts. Also, they offer a wine garden for lauderdale weddings in their restaurant.

One can book the wedding venue through a call or the website. They tell them the number of guests and other necessary details regarding the food and arrangements and pay half the money in advance. You can surf on Insta to get the previous pictures of such weddings. 

wine garden near me

Only one venue is available in the U.S. We previously shared its specific address. That’s why there is no meaning to finding any location near you. You can track the address to find out how to reach wine garden miami. 

Wine garden reviews 

The all-over reviews sound positive, and we found many great responses and satisfied reviews. Most of the reviews marked it with 4.4 stars out of five. Their customer service and staff are well behaved and show generous gestures to customers. 

Armanda Cervante says 

She loved visiting places for Sunday brunch or a fine dinner with family. The ambience is something which freshens up the mood quickly. 

Santiago Nashar said,

He loves the extensive range of wine and authentic Italian food menu. Happy hour is something which can also save money and pocket friendly.

Milan. D says,

He is a regular visitor and loves to spend time here. His wedding was held there, and all staff and managers were accommodating and behaved adequately with everyone.

Ross says,

She first went to this wine garden fort lauderdale with one of her friends. She loves a wide range of wine and fine dine-in places. But the only bad thing is they didn’t offer delivery.


A wine garden is an aesthetic place to enjoy quality time with everyone, especially family and friends. They also book the place for any family function or wedding event. All reviews are good and show a delighted response if you want such a business to have authentic Italian within a garden theme and sparkling fiery lights.

Let us know about your experiences through the comment section below. We would love to hear your responses.

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