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Virgin Islands Travel Portal – Official Updates 2022

All about the Virgin Islands travel portal? Get the in-sight details about Visa, Pre-arrival process, health checkups, and the USVI travel portal. 

During the peak time of covid 19, every other nation is searching for some way out to get rid of the high infection potential, and they are very much alerted to break the chain of viruses. Many rules have been made to improve things in the past two years. 

The one industry which gets highly affected the most is the Tourism industry. For the past few, it faced significant losses. Also, at that same time, they have to measure all protocols and make them safe for both people and the nation. Naturally, new rules and regulations are started releasing and implementing.

About United States Virgin Islands department

We are shortly coming on the Virgin Islands travel portal after disclosing everything about the actual company. The Department takes some significant steps to control the virus infection. 

They released a new online portal known as Virgin Islands travel, which helps pre-screen travelers to check if everything is okay with them and then give permission. 

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The main agenda of this travel portal is to check and examine every traveler who is willing to come to their nation. The checking program goes through different stages and different layers of procedures. 

All procedures include the before arriving process, information check, certification, and a smooth traveling experience.

Those who plan to visit the U.S. have to visit the portal to register themselves and initiate the pre-screening process to get confirmed by the authority. 

The portal is directly operated from the office of the Governor. Though still many travelers are afraid of privacy issues, the Virgin Islands travel organizations also work on this matter carefully.


  • Phone number of the USVI portal: 18003728784
  • Email address:
  • Parental organizations: Government of the Virgin Islands
  • Starting year: The whole operation started on 2920

What is the work of the portal?

If you have to travel to the U.S., you must visit this website and fill in some details on the Virgin Islands travel portal regarding both your travel and personal information. First, they start asking what your preferences are.

Choose the Domestic and international cruise ship travel options and click on the Travel assessment option. Get started with the assessment, and this will gradually let you know every essential thing to travel over the U.S.

They offer a list of mask recommendations, a data tracker of covid nationally, and a unique portal that will help with all travel guides of different destinations and recommendations.

What are the different conditions when one person must not travel?

In this Virgin Islands travel portal, the authority also pointed out all kinds of situations where a person must not travel in any area, whether domestic or international: 

  • Don’t travel in under 90 days of having covid.
  • Always take a day before the test report before entering any transportation for traveling.
  • Else if one is waiting for the test results and it comes positive after the journey starts, you have to isolate yourself from others immediately.
  • Also, if someone is involved in the close contact of any covid-related person, they must wait for five days, test themselves, and then get into traveling.

Help desk of USVI portal

  • They help people track covid 20 cases in the U.S. with a unique tracker in their portal.
  • Here in this portal, you can find vaccination centers listing paid and free ones.
  • Also, they provide information about the air travel toolkit and different resources for travelers.
  • They share all guidelines for both airlines and cruise ships for better acknowledgment for all travelers.


The Virgin Islands travel portal is about safety precautions for traveling domestically or internationally. Conclusion: All essential information is available, which makes all travelers aware and makes them easy to travel with all precautions.

Our comment section is open for people willing to share their experiences and views on this portal. Let us know through the comment section below.


What are the basic requirements of the test report according to the portal?

According to the portal, the essential requirement is a day before the covid test report, but if unavailable, you can show the covid information within four days.

What are the USVI travel requirements?

If anyone is fully vaccinated, they must submit the vaccination certification and the Covid-19 test report of Antigen and PCR test within five days.

Does the government operate the Virgin Islands travel portal?

Yes, the authority of the Governor operates the whole system and provides all necessary data to the website. This is ultimately a government service from a healthcare department.

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