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Uttarakhand Tour with – Premium Suite

To enjoy the executive class Himalayan tour, this package is for you. There is always a gap among elite-class travelers who don’t want to ruin their memorable tours and stays just because of the comfort they always maintain.

We always identify such issues and break down such thoughts, and we are introducing a “Unique Segment” to this class called Uttarakhand Tour with – Premium Suite. 

To know it in detail, we provided you with each information that you will find helpful. Also, we included all the tourist spots you will be visiting during the tour. So, read the full article.

What is the Uttarakhand Tour with – Premium Suite and benefits you will get? 

As we give a short intro above, it is the most elite package we can offer, which is also the expensive one among all other packages. As our continuous approach and research on the tourism industry, we always focus on the need of the visitors.

Several guest houses, hotels, stays are available, but to make it “Unique” from all, we decided to stretch the “Book & Go” package with extra luxurious benefits.

As you know that our “Book & Go” package is a unique one, and to make elite we added facilities like:

  • A lavish suite with beverages
  • Access to the swimming pool
  • 3-time meals (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner)
  • 2-4 wheeler facilities 
  • Spa

However, our “Book & Go” package is most popular due to its limited but economical package.

Sightseen tour?

Our location Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand, is located in one of the prime locations where one can commute to Delhi via Dehradun, the national capital. 

Our stay is situated at the top of the Himalayan ranges, where you don’t want to miss the sunset view, Eco Park, and various other musts to visit spots.

As the sightseen tour is included in this package, we would like to describe it in detail below:

Eco Park

If you are a nature lover, you will want to start the day with Eco Park. It is recently developed especially for tourists, the main purpose of establishing this park is to offer the splendid aura of mother nature. The long Deodar trees with the foggy atmosphere will surely give a moment of a lifetime.

The location is located just 3 km from our stay/location. It is a must to visit the place. Visiting early morning to view the sunrise will be a perfect selfie moment for you.

Entry ticket is 20/- for adults and 10/- for kids below 5 years.

The Skywalk

How about a Skywalk in a valley of mountain ranges? Surely it will be going to be a thrilling adventure for you. Sky walking above 160 ft. in height will give you the splendid 360-degree view of Dhanaulti. The entry is free, but you have to pay some of the amounts for a skywalk.

The location is in Adventure Park, which is 4 km from the stay. Not only this, there are several other adventures that you can try, like zip line, paragliding, trekking, and whatnot. Several tourists visit this place for adventure sports.

Deogarh Fort

For all history lovers, a fort is always a not-to-miss spot; what if a fort is located on a beautiful Himalayans? Visit Deogarh fort, which is 8 km from our stay. The Kumaon dynasty built the fort in the 16th century, which is also a religious place for Jainism.

Entry fee 50/- but due to the pandemic, the fort is not open yet, but it will soon be available for the public.

Frequently Asked Question

Are the sightseen included in the package?

Yes, if you book Uttarakhand Tour with – Premium Suite, this benefit is included (excluding the entry tickets and other activities).

Do we provide the vehicle?

Yes, all the vehicles (2 or 4-wheeler) are included in the package. You can either prefer the lone riding or the cab with the driver.

Is the meal included?

Yes, three-time meals are included.

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