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Trader Joes Orange Chicken Air Fryer

Have you tried the Trader Joes orange chicken air fryer? There are many recipes that you may like to try. Most of the users gave it 5/5 ratings.

The modern problem needs modern solutions. The gadget industry is developing rapidly. Every invention is made to satisfy customers. Do you know about the most demanding food gadget of all time? As the market launched different tools to cook. Some organizations also start throwing other food to cook on those gadgets, saving time.

One of the food items is trader joes orange chicken. They are specially made for air fryers. People love to have snacks in their free time, and always not possible to go out and buy those snacks or order online. For those days this food is perfect. We will shortly tell you what to do and what to not with this food in this article.

About trader joes orange chicken air fryer

This is exceptional precooked food prepared food. You have to heat it and cooked correctly to make it, and more or less it is a matter of twenty minutes. Everything like marinating and other steps before cooking is processed to make your work easy. 

The packet comes with a special orange sauce which is also frozen. You have to maintain proper guidelines to cook this food, and we are here to let you know it in brief. So, let’s dive deep into it.

What are the calorie parameters of this product?

We also discussed the calorie parameters of trader joes orange chicken air fryer for the reader to know what they are consuming.

  • Per serving, one consumes 320 calories fro. It.
  • Twenty-one grams of protein are available.
  • One gram of fiber and six gram of sugar is available 
  • One consumes nearly about 16-gram fat
  • There is 330 mg sodium and 24 grams carbohydrate.

How to make an orange chicken ready to eat?

To cook properly, you need to follow certain guidelines. With your help, we share all the guidelines here and present the appropriate cooking manual:

  • First, set your ventilator to 400 degrees to set the temperature for five minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, place the chicken on the stove, and remember to leave space between them.
  • It would be better if you remember to stop cooking at 165 ° on average; 8 minutes is the perfect time to cook well.
  • Stir in the fryer so that the chicken cooks well for 5 minutes.
  • After this, boil the whole pot of water and dip it in the frozen sauce so that the sausage is ready to be eaten by the joes orange chicken air fryer.
  • Take all the chicken pieces in a bowl and mix well with the sauce.

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What important facts to keep in mind when cooking an orange chicken?

When cooking in an air fryer, you should keep in mind some important facts about trader joes orange chicken air fryer to properly cook orange chicken air fryer without wasting.

  • Do not place one chicken on top of the other. Keep them separate from others at a distance.
  • Store the sauce in hot water and make sure it will get hot and not cold on either side.
  • Please do not forget to stir the chicken after some time to cook from both sides.

How about the review of the product?

The reviews are great. Most of the sites marked it with five stars rating on trader joes orange chicken air fryer. But you have to be very careful about the food storage to keep it in the best situation.

We also found great reviews from different influencers. We also mark it as a great one with an 87% trust score.

Kayle. J says,

This pre-cooked food is convenient and tasty to eat instantly, and it hardly takes 15 minutes to prepare to eat.

L. Martina says,

This is a great snack and a great side dish for rice and noodles. It consumes significantly less time, and the sauce tastes great.

H. Curly says,

He hated frozen food, but the formula of this precooked food is something good and very innovative. 


Trust score 87%
Social media presence Yes
Customer opinionYes   

We shared everything about the trader joes orange chicken air fryer. Please follow all steps to cook the food properly. You can store the left chicken in the refrigerator, and the chicken is not safe to be in the fridge for a long. So, it is better to eat it as early as possible.

Please share your opinion about this pre-cooked food in the comment section below. We would love to hear your feedback.

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