Top 10 Celebs Caught Without Makeup

3. Kim Kardashian 

Net worth$1.4 billion
Birthday1980 October 21
ProfessionModel, business women, social leader
Debut year2003
HusbandDamon Thomas Kris Humphries Kanye West
  • The name is enough to bring people’s attention. She is a socialist and a model, a true example of brain and beauty.
  • She is also a businesswoman who established her place in the business world. Yes, this attractive camera lady also caught without makeup 
  • Kim uploads several photos on her social media handles without any makeup. She attends several business conferences without any makeup. Her Instagram is flooded with comments such as natural beauty, beauty without filter, and so on.
  • Kim Kardashian has it all. The Skims founder shows serious skin in the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover. She’s also going completely makeup-free for “The Kardashians.”
  • The reality star, who is rarely seen without full-face glam, went natural during Thursday’s episode of Hulu. She was working out with Tristan Thompson and her sister Khloe Thompson.
  • Kim welcomed the couple into her home in a white duvet skims robe ($198), although similar styles are also available.
  • On Twitter, fans praised her clean, unfiltered look. One wrote, “I know #TheKardashians live somewhere where we “little people” won’t go, but I think the new series is more open. Kim is open to sharing anything about herself, and she doesn’t wear makeup.
  • Kardashian is known for her intense morning routine. She once said that she wakes at 6 a.m. to begin her day with an hour-long workout she called “torture.” It’s not over yet.
  • She continues to pamper herself with a hair- and makeup-cutting session every other day. Every 10 days, she also gets manicures and pedicures. Once a month, Anastasia does her eyebrows.
  • Kim also chooses to have her teeth whitened, get spray tans and get laser hair removal. She also wants laser treatments to tighten and tone her stomach and thighs.

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