Shein online store reviews

Shein online store reviews

Read the Shein online store reviews? It is a brand that meets affordability and style under the same roof. But is it worthy enough, there are different questions in let’s check out the truth about them?

About Shein


Shein is an online website that sells clothing online. They are primarily famous for their trending fashion wear at an affordable rate, and this Chinese brand has been in this field for more than five years. Different facts are available about them, and they offer a large category of clothing, accessories, and jewelry. Now, let’s check for Shein online store reviews in detail.

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The primary culture of Shein is making fashion in a way that doesn’t hamper our pocket. That’s why its manufacturers are taking different branded styles and other high-cost clothes and making a copy of that product but in low quality. Though sometimes such things can be turned into a disaster but not all time. It all depends on the buyer’s luck that they get an expected thing or a little low-quality product.

What are the different products categories there on the website?


In this Shein online store reviews, we share all details regarding their product categories:

  • Women
  • Kids
  • Beauty 
  • Men 
  • Home
  • Pet essential 


  • Category: e-commerce website.
  • Contact number: 844 802 2500 
  • Contact address: SHEIN distribution corporation 757 s Alameda St. Suite 220 Los Angeles ca 90021
  • Contact email: [email protected]


  • They included all categories and every kind of apparel on their website. 
  • Every month they have some special offers on different products.
  • They also have things for kids and pets. 
  • Their product is very reasonable and fits into the budget.
  • They try to ship fast, and their return policy is also smooth.


  • The product quality is not that good like expensive products.
  • All products got out of stock quickly because they only made products within a selective number. 
  • The refund policy is not very easy to access. You have to send them the video and list all details after they verify. After that, you get a refund only. 
  • This website is banned from some selected countries for their government rules.

Is legit?

According to the Shein online store reviews, we found it legit, but the thing is, all products” s quality is not that good, and some are found to be low quality. Also, on the internet, we found mixed reactions and average customer ratings. However, some people love their products because of their affordability features. 

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Their social media presence is also good. After checking all such points, we marked it legit, but in some products, they provided low quality. We marked it legit with a 63% trust score.

What are the Shein online store reviews?

Here we are pointing out the central aspect of Shein. We found mixed reviews on this website, leaving all kinds of reviews here to clear your view:

Henrieta said, 


She said she loved the collection. But when it comes to quality, it all depends upon your luck because sometimes reviews also go wrong.

L. Hamilton said,

She has been a regular customer of Shein since 2016. Sometimes she got a good product, and sometimes she got the worst product. That’s why she has both good and bad experiences with this website.


Hannah said,

She tried this website more than five times, but every time she got disappointed, she thought it was not a worthy website.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 63% 
Social media presence Yes   
Customer opinion Yes    

From all such Shein online store reviews, we found that their services are legit, but sometimes they failed to deliver a quality product, and customers got disappointed with it. It is hard to mark which is good or not, depending on your luck. So, before buying anything, please check all reviews carefully.

Do let us know about your experiences with Shein in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is shein a Chinese brand?

Yes, Shein is a Chinese brand that has been running its business for the last seven years.

Who is the owner of Shein?


The name of the parental company of Shein is Nanjing Lingtian information technology.

Is shein poor quality?

Some of their clothes are low in quality, and some of their clothes are better.

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