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Rosies Wine Garden – What People Says ?

rosies wine garden

Are the services of rosies wine garden good? Many people love to enjoy pretty places with unique and eye-catching decor. People are started being attracted to different cafes and bars. What if a restaurant and bar combine and present a place like never before. Today we are come up with such a place.

The Rosies were established a few years ago in the United States. The lovely glass windows can easily attract people. But the question is this a worthy place or not. Everyone is curious to know every detail before visiting the place, so we are here to let you know all details regarding the restaurant and services. Be with us till the end.

About rosies wine garden

The rosies are one of the best combinations of cafes and bars. They offer an extensive range of foods from different cuisines and different types of wine, hot and cold beverages, beer and more. This cafe cum, and the bar is situated in Mc gill rose garden. They offer both outdoor and indoor seating.

They have both services of Dine-in and take away. However, there is no delivery service available. Their coffee is very famous, and mostly cranberry brew coffee. This is a safe area for kids, and all payments are accepted here. The name of the owner is rosie charlotte. She managed the whole venture single-handedly in the first phase. But now, her team is growing.


  • Category: bar cum cafeteria services 
  • Address: 940N Davidson St, Charlotte nc 28206, U.S
  • Phone number: 17046048975
  • Opening hours: 8 AM.
  • Landmark: McGill rose garden
  • Working days: Monday to Sunday ( The Opening time for Sunday differs.

Rosies wine garden instagram

They have a great social media page on Instagram. They regularly share everything on their insta handle, including seasonal offers and other pictures of their different events. Till now, they have more than four hundred plus posts.

They have nearly thirteen thousand plus followers. They also attach the reservation link on their website through which one can place the order quickly. The natural garden is also an Instagram-worthy place to take pictures.

Rosie’s wine garden wedding

In the rosies wine garden, one can book the wedding venue. They started their wedding venue booking in April, and it will be going till November for 2023 sessions. They offer the wedding venue in the garden and space for a hundred people there. For booking, you can visit their website.

Rosie’s wine bar

Here we will reveal everything about the rosie wine available in the rosies wine garden. We created a list of them here. Please go through it carefully to know all stocks available to tell about rosie’s wine garden trivia.


  • Daniele Saccoletto barbara
  • Chemistry Pinot Noir
  • Zorzal Graenach
  • Prunus Tinto
  • Ca De Medici Lambrusco
  • Oppenauer Zwegelt
  • Solroom red blend
  • Roto Carbernet sauvignon
  • VIDL tempranillo


  • Bobigas Brut Cava
  • Stirm calcite white blend
  • Leonard kreusch reisling
  • Tread lightly white blend
  • No Es Pituko Viogner
  • Kransno orange
  • Austerity Chardonnay 

Rosies wine garden yelp

On Yelp, there are numerous reviews available about Rosie’s. They have nearly forty-seven reviews and hundreds of photos, and the customer marks it with 4.5 stars out of five. We researched a lot from these websites and learned that they are a trustworthy brands, and many events are happening there. Let’s take a look at the reviews.

What about the reviews of Rosie’s?

We found several reviews on the internet, and we are portraying all such reviews here to clarify your perspective about this place.

Caryn says,

One of the best things about them is their happy hours. The ambience is very satisfying and pleasant to enjoy. She said one could enjoy coffee in the afternoon and wine in the evening.

Will said,

He loved to visit this place because they have an excellent range among all kinds of categories and it is Ness sometimes to go to distance and enjoy nature.

Ken E says,

He throws a graduation party in this place, and it is a successful party which is very enjoyable with different kinds of cuisine and dishes.

Desire F say,

All the staff of this place is very kind they tried to give their best to all customers and always tried to attend customers as fast as possible. They also provide the food on time.


In one-word rosies wine garden can please both party animals and nature lovers. It has everything coffee for coffee lovers and beer and wine for alcoholic people. One can plan any event within the capacity of a hundred because they have all for every kind of people.

We are waiting to see your responses and experiences with this cafe cum bar. Please tell us about all your views here. 

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