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Prose hair care reviews

As per the Prose hair care reviews, we found mixed reactions from the users. But what are its benefits, pros and cons? You will only know by reading the below info.

Customized things are the utmost trend nowadays. Everyone prefers Customized products, whether it is a gift or some regular product to use. When people get the option to create their products in their preference, this makes the product more exciting and sometimes more effective than usual products.

But is Prose worked well? To answer this question, we gathered all information about this product and disclosed them here to let you know about all their details and policies. We will unfold all the mysteries about the working process to present a clear idea. Let’s see what is waiting for you in further articles.


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  • Contact number: Prose hair care phone number is not shared on the website and is not available.
  • Contact address: no contact address is available; track the headquarters.
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Type: customized products 

Prose hair care lawsuit

Let’s know more about Prose hair care reviews. The best way to get all details information is by looking at everything about the lawsuit. 

These are some fake prose hair care lawsuit complaints available on BBB, but after a deep analysis, we found that all of them are fake, and there is no existence of any lawsuit against Prose.

Prose cost

Another crucial aspect of the product in this Prose hair care reviews is its price. This is a customized product that’s why it costs a little much price because it is made with natural ingredients of the customer’s choice. The total price of the whole regime is $25.99.

Prose before and after

In all Prose hair care reviews, we found different results from people. Numerous before and after results are found on the internet. In our studies, we found the residents are not so stunning. 

It didn’t damage the hair and clean the scalp, but sometimes the formula isn’t suitable for hair structures. It is a standard product without harm, but there is no miraculous power to change your hair follicles.

Prose vs function of beauty

Which one is the best prose hair care product or function of beauty products? No matter online or offline, one can find numerous competitors in the market. 

The function of beauty is one among them, and the most crucial difference between them is the price. However, the customization quiz is better in Prose, and the effect is also the same in both. 

If you are looking for a gifting option, function beauty is a good one, but if you are looking for something for yourself, Prose is the best choice.

Prose reviews curly hair

We found it can be suitable for every hair type in prose hair care reviews. You can customize it according to your texture or curl and choose good ingredients. 

But you have to be careful about selecting ingredients because one harmful component can ruin the whole hair quality. And it happened with some customers.

Prose reviews wavy hair

The Prose is a good option for wavy hair. They have a different category where they enlisted formulas to care for wavy hair, which made it a little easy. The reviews for wavy hair are positive, though some customers complain that it damages hair’s natural color.

Prose hair care vs monat

If you plan to choose monat over Prose, please reconsider your decision because where Prose is made of natural ingredients, monat is made of harmful chemicals that damage your hair and make them weak.

Prose hair formula

The Prose formula is made of various unknown prose hair care ingredients. We gathered all names of available components, which are:

  • Milk
  • Almond 
  • Rose extract 
  • Saffron
  • Aloe gel
  • Egg
  • Ashwagandha
  • Essential oil
  • Coconut all

These are some significant ingredients of the formula. Apart from them, there are some other ingredients also available. One can choose between these ingredients and customize their formula according to hair type and suitable components. 

Prose hair care quiz

The Prose is primarily famous for its hair care quiz. This is the primary step in processing your products. They will ask you several questions related to the hair type and suitable natural ingredients to formulate the best formula.

You have to answer the question correctly to get this brand’s perfect formulated hair products. You will get a personalized shampoo, conditioner, prose hair perfume, and prose hair oiland all four make a perfect combo of different nutritious ingredients needed for hair.

Prose hair supplements

in this Prose hair care reviews, we also shared the information about hair supplements available on this brand. Some artificial hair supplements are available on their website, promising hair growth, thick hair, and shiny hair. 

For each problem, there are different solutions available. One must search for their problem-related supplements, and they will show the whole list. Though here, we are sharing some names of their best-selling supplements:

  • Hair falls solutions 
  • Thickening solutions 
  • Volume and shine solutions 
  • Repair dry hair and split end.

Prose shampoo and conditioner reviews

Now is the time to know about the actual reviews. Firstly, we are sharing the prose hair care reviews Reddit. All the reviews seem to be mixed. However, there are no angry or unsatisfactory reviews available. But most of them are neutral and marked as a regular shampoo for cleaning hair. We kept it legit with a 58% trust score.

M. Louis says, 

According to the price rates, the product is nothing exceptional. The product worked like a usual shampoo to clean hair, and no miraculous power is hidden in it to improve the hair structures.

Bella Thompson says,

This product is good, and the fragrance is excellent, but the bottom line is the high price rates. 

Liza Morish says,

She loves the variety of customized ranges. The different options made it so much unique, and other formulas open another door of ranges, but the truth is you have to choose very carefully. Otherwise, it will damage your hair.

Lorraine says,

She found this product a waste of money because she got no extra benefit from this shampoo, and she didn’t see it worth her money.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 58% 
Social media presence Yes   
Customer opinion Yes    

According to our Prose hair care reviews. The product doesn’t have any harmful effects, and it is an excellent product to cleanse your hair. But in the point of view of customization, the product is not too good but an average one.

Please share your experiences with this product through the comment section below.


Is Prose good for hair loss?

Honestly, as per the Prose hair care reviews, the product Prose is average for hair loss, and it takes a lot of time to repair from its root, and the effect is prolonged.

Does Prose have good reviews?

The reviews seem to be average, not good or not bad, but the results are quite acceptable.

Is Prose good for hair growth?

There is no information about hair growth, and there are no instances available about hair growth. We can’t say that this is good for hair growth entirely.

Is Prose an American company?

Yes, it is a New York-based company, and that’s why it is obvious that it is an American company. 

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