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Naughty Girl Fitness Reviews By 50+ Customers 2022

What are the naughty girl fitness reviews? This application allows you to be fit, lose weight and increase stamina at home only. Read what are its pros and cons.

Nowadays, people are going more concerned with their fitness, and style, they understand that it is essential to maintain their health and stay fit for healthy life leading. But yes, there are also different obstacles available, and one must jump the barriers and achieve our goals.

But humans always find a way to achieve whatever they want uniquely and conveniently. In this case, we saw different platforms and courses that allow users to learn lessons virtually or from live recorded video. In this way, they can utilize their free time, and no one needs to travel anywhere.

About Naughty girl fitness workouts

Recently a fitness regime has gotten a lot of attention, and people want to know everything about the fitness regime. So, we are here to share each detail about naughty girl fitness reviews. The name of the company founder is Janelle Ginestra, and she is a dancer and choreographer. 

She started this organization to move the fitness industry and bring something new to this field. This fitness regime is innovative, and it includes fun, dance, different interesting techniques of exercise, and other unknown but valuable facts that help you stay fit. 

Who is Janelle Ginestra?

Digging deep into naughty girl fitness before and after reviews, let’s know her founder more keenly to acknowledge all facts about the organization. She was born and brought up in California, and she was established as a beautiful dancer and became a social icon for many people.

NameJanelle Ginestra
Birth date1989 14th of may
Age33 years according to recent reports
OccupationActor, dancer, influencer, choreographer
Husband nameW. Adams
FonderNaughty girl fitness


  • Category: fitness 
  • Format: recorded video and live video streaming
  • Available on the Apple app store, Android store, and other applications platforms to access.
  • Cancellations: The Cancellations plan is available 


  • The service is both available on mobile and smart tv. You can acces the video and live session at your convenience.
  • You can cancel the subscription anytime without any hassle.
  • There are no time boundaries to accessibility. One can any time turn on the videos to practice.
  • They have both monthly and yearly plans. 


  • The charges of these courses are way too much higher than other competitors.
  • They concentrate more on fun activities, so this is not suitable for those looking for intense workout sessions.
  • There is no facility to set reminders. 

What is Naughty Girl Fitness Subscription Price

According to naughty girl fitness reviews, the monthly Subscription charge is nearly $860, and the year’s Subscription charges are $522.5 for the month. Hopefully, you get that this is not a minimal charge, and it is a bit costly for others.

Is naughty girl fitness legit? 

Now, it is time to check on its legitimacy. After checking everything, we decide that this service is honest, and no kind of scammers or fraud people is involved with them. 

Janelle is a social influencer and has taken care of all facts. Thousands of people become part of this family, and they have millions of followers on social media handles. That’s why we marked it legit with an 89% trust score.

What are the Naughty Girl Fitness Reviews ?

Now, let’s check the reviews of naughty girl fitness. In our analysis, all comments seem to be very positive and satisfying.

Naughty Girl Fitness Reviews by Lint. M says

First off, I effing love her and her team. I think the workouts are a lot of fun and make you sweat hard. I can barely handle a 20 min vid. 10/10. If anything, I wish the app had a better organization or a form of more specific playlists that are easier to access. 

Naughty Girl Fitness Reviews by N. Brandi says

Janelle Ginestra is the most inspirational, motivational, fitness, and life coach I have ever had! It sounds cheesy, but this program has changed my life! In many different ways! This truly does make a difference! It’s challenging at times, but that’s what makes it worth it! She keeps You on your toes with her sense of humor! She’s witty and weird, and I love it! 

Naughty Girl Fitness Reviews by Staphyla says

I’m hooked! I’ve seen results within just two weeks of using this app, and I am now a subscriber! I feel so good when I work out, and it is challenging, but that’s the beauty. And I love her positivity and carefree personality.

Naughty Girl Fitness Reviews by B. Melanie says,

She didn’t find time to take care of her health. But the video program made everything easy, and it was delightful. 

Naughty Girl Fitness Sign Up or Login Process

For LogIn process : First need to visit, after that you will see sign in icon on the top right hand side now click on that and you will reach if you have already login detials so you can login.

For sign up process : you need to buy subscription of nauthty girl fitness without purchase you can’t signup. need to follow this link for sign up


Parameters Remark 
Trust score  89% 
Social media presence  Yes
Customer opinion Yes    

Here is everything about naughty girl fitness reviews. This is a legit fitness service conducted by a famous dancer and choreographer, and there are no chances of experiencing any fraud circumstances with them.

Don’t forget to share your experiences with us through the comment section below. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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