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Lulu’s Wine Garden DC

Lulu’s Wine Garden DC

Get the complete details on Lulu’s Wine Garden DC? It is a new restaurant serving various food and beverages in the three beautifully crafted gardens. Check out the offers available.

They have redefined the view of a luxurious diner by changing it into a beer garden-style atmosphere. The brand is most famous for its wine and other alcoholic drinks that will fill you up in no time.

People of the United States love to enjoy their time with family and friends at fancy restaurants with mouth-watering cocktails and delicious meals. Wine garden dc is open for booking, so you can get a table in their golden hour and enjoy the scenic view with mouth-watering food and wine. Read further to know why they are different than any other basic café.

Lulu’s Wine Garden Menu

Before you book a visit to lulu’s wine garden dc, we will help you find the best meals they deliver at your table.


Dish nameDescriptionPrice
Spreads with sauce              
  Smoked WhitefishSalmon sauteed in red onion, pickled shallot, and chile of Calabrian served with classic garlic bread and diced cucumber. $14
  Whipped Feta It contains grilled bread with spices and chilli harissa. $12
  White QuesoThe ingredients added are sour cream with cilantro, red onions, pico, Chile, and regional Ula tostadas$12
  Stuffed Toast  
  Crab TostadaThe key ingredients are grapefruit, avocado, radish, old bay aioli, and jalapeno. They use cilantro for garnishing. $13
French Onion Toast The dishes get served with a caramelized onion sauce. You get a grilled sourdough and some onion ash with chips. $13
Hatch Green Chile Mac & Cheese They use special cavatappi pasta to prepare this meal with green chillies. It gets served with bread crumbs and pepper jack. $13
Shrimp Ceviche            The shrimp got cooked with heirloom tomato & corn, mango, and avocado. $16
  Tortilla Soup Crunchy tortilla packed with chicken. The flavor gets derived from cheese, Black beans, chillies, avocado, and tomato.$12
House friesThe fries get served with a special dip and soothing herbs. $8
Grilled Carrot SaladThe veggies added to this salad are onion, feta, cucumber, radish, and harissa, and get flavored with lime herbs and almond. $12
Avocado Lime CaesarThe salad gets made with onion, Kale, bread crumb, romaine, avocado, and cukes.$12
  Roasted Beet SaladIt is a special salad packed with pickled mustard and goat cheese. To add more flavors, they put yogurt, avocado, pistachio, citrus fruit, and watercress.$12

You can visit their website to find the rest of Lulu’s wine garden menu filled with mouth-smacking sandwiches, burgers, and deserts to enlighten your day with happiness.

Lulu’s Wine Garden Happy Hour

The garden is open for visitors all week except Monday. They have specified a few hours as golden hours that are a beauty to the eye when visiting this place. 

Lulu’s wine garden happy hour can help you get the best picture for your Instagram feed because of the beautiful sunlight position at a specific time.

Here is a list of the golden are specified by the restaurant:

  • The timing between 17:00 to 18:00 is the best happy hour from Tuesday to Thursday.
  • On Friday you can visit the place at 16:00 and stay till 2 hours to experience the golden hour.
  • On Sunday, Lulu’s wine garden dc has a golden hour extended from 15:00 to 20:00.

Lulu’s Winegarden review

According to the Google reviews, Lulu’s wine garden dc has received a 4.4 out of 5-star consumer rating. Most customers were happy with their service and loved the ambiance at golden hour. The people appreciated the food and bread, which tasted as fresh and soft as ever. The drinks are carefully made according to their preferences and have a unique touch.

Lulu’s Winegarden reviews are good enough to make your visit once. It is a perfect place for Sunday brunch with your family or a night out on Saturday. They possess a good taste in selecting wine menu. 

The people appreciated that the waiters were polite and good at their service. 

A comment mentions they request every customer to present their vaccination proof before entering the café, so make sure you take it with you before visiting.

Lulu’s wine garden Instagram

Lulu’s wine garden Instagram is filled with multiple eye-catching posts of their drinks, meals, and ambiance. They have posted more than 600 pictures and videos on the source to get attention from the audience. As the restaurant is new, it has only 6800 followers on Instagram.

Lulu’s wine garden dc is one of the most Instagrammable places to click pictures and fill your feed with a beautiful view. They have an open area decorated in a classic style with some plants and beautiful flowers that you can click.

Lulu’s Wine Garden Parking

The most convenient and nearest Lulu’s wine garden parking location is 1940 11th Street NW in Washington. You can also find other locations like parking lot 2125 14th St NW. There is no specific area for a vehicle stand in Lulu’s wine garden dc restaurant, so you might have to utilize these areas.


Lulu’s wine garden dc is a fine restaurant with a classic wine choice and delicious meals at affordable prices. The people in the United States who prefer outdoor sitting and garden ambiance can choose this place for their next gathering. The service is excellent, and they make easy replacement in case of wrong drinks.

Please share your experience with us in the comment section. We love hearing from you.

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