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Kaplan bar review login

How to Kaplan bar review login? Bar review courses are one of the challenging exams in the law industry. Many people can’t clear it in a single attempt, and that’s why it becomes mandatory to prepare for it very well. Try this?

Nowadays, various organizations are available which are offering courses that may help students to crack such examinations. 

Kaplan is such a company that helps students and supports them, and guides them to clear their exams on the first attempt. Before enrolling for any course, one must know all features and unique elements that others do not offer. We gathered all information that will help you to understand the whole system.

About Kaplan 

It is an American firm, and they are offering a learning platform specializing in guiding students for bar preparation. They offered a perfect course plan.

This company is a corporate company that offers educational courses, training facilities, and other significant opportunities for students, basically for college and business opportunities. In 1938 this venture started processing.

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We are mainly focused on the Kaplan bar review login. Before that, we share the revenue. According to recent reports, the annual revenue is nearly $1.4 billion. Let’s check more about them.


  • Category: course providers 
  • Niche: Education
  • Contact number: 18005278378 for national calls and 12129975883 
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Working days: Monday to Friday
  • Working hours: morning 8 a.m to 6 p.m. In evening 
  • Federal ID: 22 2573250


  • They provide all essential study materials, notes, and suggestions. 
  • They also provide work between the courses to give you practical experience.
  • They innovatively conduct all their programs; they first make you learn, then they help you keep practicing, review your work, and catch up on everything you miss.
  • The classes are happening through video lectures which allow you to attend classes at your convenience and comfort.


  • The time duration of giving study materials every alternative is eight to ten-week.

Course information 

This Kaplan bar review login will let you know about the detailed course insights:

  • Pricing: the total prize package for this course is $3999. 
  • Course duration: the course duration of the Kaplan is a hundred plus hours, which is in video format. The time of live class is a hundred and sixty plus hours.
  • Suggestions: they nearly give four thousand plus suggestions and practices paper to keep your fear out.
  • Apart from all this all books are provided in a hardcopy also there our mobile applications available. Even if someone didn’t pass the exam, they would assure that they returned the money.

Structure of the Kaplan course?

Let’s know another exciting thing than Kaplan bar review login: course structure. 

Although Kaplan offers a slightly different bar review course in every state (except for entire UBE states, which have the same course), they generally provide just two standard prep packages. These offerings include:

  • Complete Bar Review
  • Convenience Package

The Complete Bar Review course is Kaplan’s mainstay package. You get all of the practice materials, video lessons, and other resources you would find with just about any self-study course and 160+ hours of live instruction from a team of Kaplan experts. 

This prep package may be taken life online through near-daily scheduled webcasts or in-person. This offering currently prices around $2,200, depending on your state and promos.

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Next up, Kaplan’s Convenience Package offers everything but the kitchen sink. For roughly $1,800 more than the Complete Bar Review course, you get the addition of prep materials for the second state of your choosing and a set of Kaplan’s MBE flashcards, among other things.

 This is the deluxe package for the student looking for the whole kit and caboodle. For those future lawyers who plan to practice law across state lines and do not get reciprocity, seriously consider this option for the second state materials.

How to do the Kaplan bar review login?

To initiate the login, you have to maintain some significant steps, and we will share them:

  • Open the browser and type Kaplan login.
  • You can see a page addressed as a login page.
  • Click on the login page, and it will redirect you.
  • Now you have to enter the Kaplan id, which was provided to you when enrolling for the course.
  • Then, enter the respective password and cl8ck on login.


Here is everything about the Kaplan bar review login. Hopefully, you can sketch a better idea from this article and get all information that is important to know before enrolling and the login details.

Don’t forget to share your experiences and opinions through the comment section below. It would be great to hear from you. 

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