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Is This Website Legit

How to know whether “Is this website legit” With internet usage, so many online websites have come into existence claiming to give you the product at an affordable rate? But most of them are fakes. 

How you can identify a genuine or fake website. With this article, you get to know all the essential points that will help you understand between the actual and phony websites.

How to know whether is this website legit?

Many factors affect the legitimacy of the website, and they are as under:

Check the web connection: First of all, check whether the website is using the secure protocol; it doesn’t mean that this website is legit, but the information you provide is safe. 

For example, suppose a website is using HTTPS protocol. That means that whatever informations you have entered on a particular website is entirely safe and secure. On the other hand, if a website is using HTTP, the data entered on this site can be stolen in the future and becomes harmful to you.

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Contact details: Every simple website will provide contact details like the company name, address, contact information, email address, etc. Before proceeding to the website, check all the necessary information; otherwise, if they lack these contact details, don’t proceed further.

Social media presence: Today’s era is an internet world where all the companies and websites are digitally present. This website should have a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. So that gets a trust towards them.

Domain age: Is this website legit? Next, check the domain age because fake websites have a brief period that they grab the customer’s attention, collect their hard-earned money easily, and shut down very early. 

Check the domain age of the company website by visiting, which gives you accurate information about the company owner’s name, date of establishment, and date of expiry.

Checking grammatical errors: A professional website never proceeds with spelling and grammatical mistakes. If they do so, they are not genuine ones.

Google browser: Before visiting any new website, copy the URL of the company and paste it to the google safe browser transparency report that gives you a transparent picture to understand that the website is legit.

Customer reviews: Is this website legit? Checking various customer reviews on multiple websites helps you understand the website’s legitimacy. Develop a habit of checking customer reviews. If a company is getting relevant customer reviews and a rating of 3 or more than 3, you can proceed further; otherwise, avoid going on such websites.

Privacy policy of the company: Always check out the privacy icon of the company because fake companies give the icon of the privacy policy. Still, there are no terms and conditions specified on this point in actuality. If still, they provide you the privacy details, make sure to read out it very carefully so that you won’t get any harm in the future.

Copyright images: Most fake companies use other websites’ copied images that make a website fishy. Do some google searches from your side as well.

Unsecured payment methods: A fake website offers you unsecured payment methods for buying a product like money order, transfer to PayPal address, money order, gift cards, or cryptocurrency, whereas genuine websites accept all types of credit and debit cards so that if you are not satisfied with a product, then your money gets returned to the same account.

Check out the shipping and return policy: A simple website will always respect the customer returns, and they will refund your full money if you have returned the product in good condition. 

On the other hand, fake websites charge some amount for returning the product; also, you have to pay their shipping charges. You have to return the product and bear all the costs as well.

Last words

Finally, we can conclude that if you consider all the parameters mentioned in this article, we are sure that you will have safe and secure online shopping.

Is this website legit? Do these points helpful for you to make online shopping safe? If yes, please share your view in the comment section.

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