Is MoneyLion legit – Check Out Customers Reviews 2022


Is MoneyLion legit? Introducing the fastest way for money transactions, you can apply for an instant loan through this app. But what about the services and user feedback?


Digital payment methods are one of the most growing services. There have been hundreds of Digital banking and net banking websites launched in the past few years. Most of them are good, and some are not so good. Here the problem lies—Whom to trust and whom to not. Recently websites have grabbed significant attention.

The name of that website is MoneyLion. Conclusion: There are getting very popular, and people who ate much involved in financial matters started talking about them. Naturally, a question about its legitimacy arises. To solve that query, we are here with all kinds of pros and cons and other special features of the service.

About Money Lion

Moneylion is an application that is used for mobile banking in digital modes. There are different good features and services available. But the question is whether it is moneylion legit or not. The most exotic thing about this service is they offer low-interest loans and advanced banking facility without any interest. 


The highest amount of loans that are accepted is upto $1000. On the other hand, they also allowed the early paychecks deposits. You can open a zero-balance account with them also. They also offer different investment services and rewards to their loyal customers.

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  • Category: digital net banking
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Contact address: 502 Audubon trail, New York, 14622
  • Contact number: 585 325 1760
  • Minimum balance requirements: zero balance account 
  • Maximum loans: $1000
  • Customer base: nearly about six million.


  • One can open a zero-balance account on this digital banking platform.
  • There is 0% apr instacash service provided.
  • One can do direct deposit, and no extra fee is charged for direct deposit.
  • They offer a complete virtual card to operate the online account.
  • All data and other information functioned by digital intelligence.
  • All payment processes are contactless.


  • They don’t have any physical chequebook or deposit slips.
  • Only one headquarters is available in New York City.

What are the different services the Moneyline offers?


Before answering on is moneylion legit or not, we are digging deep into the offered service. There are five different services available to get help from the Moneylion, which are mentioned below,

  • Roar money
  • Crypto Moneylion 
  • Investment account
  • Advance instacash
  • Credit builder plus

How to open an account on Moneylion?

Apart from is moneylion legit or not, let us discuss account opening. 

  • Firstly, download the official application.
  • You can see a free account opening option.
  • Choose your preferred option before opening an account.
  • If you choose a paid service, you must pay a basic fee and then, with all the needed information, fill out the form.
  • To open an account, you must remember to be eighteen years old or above to register yourself in this portal.

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Is moneylion legit?

Now, it is time to unveil the real question. After deep research, we found that this company is legit. They have been operating their business since 2013, and they now have nearly six million customers on record. 


Their social media presence also seems to be accurate, and all vital information and policy information is available clearly on the website. So, we are marking this website as legit.

What about the customer reviews on Moneylion?

All reviews of moneylion are positive. The answer to the question about moneylion legit is clear after analyzing the reviews of all customers. All reviews seem to be satisfactory, and they enhance our trust score. We marked this website with an 85% trust score.

Lia Hecker says,

This is a good online banking service that doesn’t charge more.


Helm walker says,

The zero-balance account opening option is the best part of this service. Also, they only charge $19.09 for credit buildup, which is also great. Customer care is also active and always ready to solve problems.

M. Eliza says, 


This doesn’t trust a lot on online bank8ng services, but the Moneylion is different. The smooth payback deposit and transaction sanctions are hassle-free.

Liam brook says,

The low ARP interest rates or regular interest rates are unavailable 8n other services. These are two primary services offered by them for their customer goods.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 85% 
Social media presence Yes
Customer opinion Yes    

Here are a full proof answer of is MoneyLion legit or not. This company is legit, and no suspicious activities and scam businesses occur in their banking services. If you are looking for online banking, you can go for it.

Please share your experiences with us through the comment section below and let us know about your views on this service.

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