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Is Gametime legit

In this article, we have included all the info which reveals whether is Gametime legit or not? There is a mixed reaction received from users; read the detail.

If you are a fan, you can actually who what the struggle looks like to grab a ticket. To make it easy, many businesses are started selling businesses online, and they offer all kinds of tickets for their shows at a discounted rate.

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Recently, a name started spreading like fire among the show-going people. Naturally, a vast crowd is wanted to know the best thing and the flaws of the website. Moreover, is the website worthy of trust or not? There are many queries.

About gametime

The game time started its journey in 2012. They are operating in Us and Canada. They didn’t serve the worldwide service. They are currently working in 61 cities. They offered three different categories on their website, which are mentioned below:

  • Music
  • Games
  • Shows

They have a lot of variations in their categories. They also keep updated their portals with new things and new events. They said they tried to keep the prices affordable. But to find the truth about is gametime legit, we have to learn more things.


  • Category: ticket booking website 
  • Niche: online booking service.
  • Contact number: no number is available on their website 
  • Contact address: they have different headquarters in Is and Canada.
  • Email Id: [email protected]


  • They almost cover all shows and matches which are about to happen five months before in the US and Canada.
  • According to them, they offer discounted prices and sometimes offer free rewards to the lucky buyer.
  • The helpline number is all time available and open to contact through the contact form given below.


  • They didn’t offer the services outside US or Canada.
  • They are very restricted with the currency they accept.
  • You can’t cancel any booking with them.
  • The customer service is insulting and unapologetic.
  • No immediate contact number to copycat them.
  • They are constantly changing their policies one to another.

Is gametime legit?

We must say that we found mixed responses from the customer on the internet. Only a handful of people are satisfied with all their services. They didn’t offer fraud tickets, but they sell overpriced ticket and never exchange it. Let me know more about is gametime legit or not?

3ven, there are some suspicious activities available that are taking place. Many people suffer from famous booking scenarios, and some people find that some anonymous person book tickets from their account.

So, the overall response is not so good. And we mark it suspicious with a 45% trust score.

What are the gametime reviews?

When it comes to gametime reviews, giving answers on is gametime legit becomes very easy. So, let’s check what people are saying about it.

Alan. M says,

This company is nothing but scammers! They change their policies to benefit themselves—unreliable and crazy refund policy. I will never go through Gametime again. One of the worst mistakes in my life.

M. Stanley says,

I recently had a horrible experience with Gametime. DO NOT BUY FROM GAMETIME!

Someone bought tickets from my account, and the company refused to refund me even though I did not attend the game. They were highly uncooperative and rude, and no one seemed to be able to help me.

 I will not be buying any more tickets from them. And I will advise all friends and family to do the same and try other vendors!

Amersham says

A horrible experience, and zero willingness to help out. I made a stupid mistake when booking tickets with Gametime, which I discovered 5 seconds after paying. I immediately reached out to them, but they wanted to keep the money instead of helping me out. Instead, I had to tell the kids that there would be no LIVE basketball during our trip to the US as promised.

 Never again!

McMichael Johan says,

I paid more than double at Gametime for the $35 seats to see The Script on Saturday than I had gone directly to the AXS website. They are professional rip-off artists, and I will only use them for Tiger tickets–you can get them cheap if you wait until the game starts.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score  45% 
Social media presence  Yes
Customer opinion Yes    

Hopefully, everything related to is gametime legit is clear, and you can sketch a better about the site and its unsatisfactory outcomes. It is better to avoid this website. But it depends on your will if you want to try or not.

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