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Is Firaxba Legit Or Not | Check Reviews 2022

Zero customer reviews make it suspicious, but is firaxba legit? It is an e-Commerce dealing in gadgets and gaming accessories at low prices. Read full details below.

The original website got taken down by the server after the expiration date. Now, if you ever search for this web link, you will come across any advertising website.

There are so many new businesses and e-commerce in the United States every day that it becomes difficult to determine the authenticity of any particular brand. We can help you find the credibility of any website with the perfect algorithms used by us. Read further to know more.

What is firaxba?

Originally the websites started as an E-Commerce dealing with gadgets, electronics, and accessories. You can find many verified company brands like the boat, Sony, and Samsung on this platform. The website launched in May 2021 and had a one-year expiration date.

After which, it got taken down by the server. This domain was recently registered at and is now perhaps used for any other purpose within a few days.

At present, when you go to the homepage of this link.

You will find various advertisements for electronic brands like Sony, Samsung, Philips, hollz, and OSB platten. By clicking on any of these options, you will get redirected to another webpage that links you to e-commerce selling the products related to these brands. Please continue reading to know more about is firaxba legit?

How to use this website?

Since the original website has gotten removed from the server, you cannot use it as e-commerce. But the present webpage links you to the brands that sell similar electronic products:

  • Go to Google Chrome using any device with a permanent Wi-Fi network to access his website without any disturbed or interruption.
  • The first web page to open will consist of many related searches.
  • You will see icons from the brands mentioned above.
  • Now you have to choose any one of them.
  • Click on it, and you will get redirected to a new page. 
  • If you have chosen the Samsung option, you reach a new page with a link to Reliance digital company.
  • This company will help you purchase Samsung mobiles at great deals.
  • Click on the link provided by the page. You shall go to the official website of Reliance digital.

Make sure you have done proper research before trusting any new link. The platform is not responsible for any fraud or scams by these e-commerces.

Is firaxba legit?

The website was only active for a year and got suspended after its expiration date because of slow traffic and no customers. The domain is registered as a scam in many open sources because of several negative indicators.

According to our algorithm, it was not a trustworthy source for shopping. Even though the website link had name, the company name projected on the screen was Flatsome.

The owners’ identities got hidden by WHIS. The contact information is absent from the website. After the shut down by the server, it got purchased by At present, you will only find an advertisement on the source.

We strongly recommend our readers avoid such platforms because they try to catch users’ attention by displaying huge discounts. But they use scamming tactics to make a profit.

Customer reviews

We tried to locate authentic responses on trusted sources to prove is firaxba legit? As the website was only active for a year, we found no customer responses or reviews available. We failed to find any social media handles that could help us understand its credibility and connection with the audience.

All the other facts like trust score and website ranking show low statistics. This E-Commerce did not optimize for search engines. After its removal by the server, no new reviews were seen on any open sources.

Hence, we could not judge their credibility. It gets advised that all users must check the website manually and do some background research before making any decision.


Our final verdict for the query is, Is firaxba legit? The server has already taken the website down in the United States. So it cannot get used for any shopping, and you can use it for searching through advertisements present on the latest weblink.

Please share your experience with us in the comments section. We love hearing from you.

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