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Is Budgetair Legit or Not Check Customer Reviews 2022

Is Budgetair Legit

There are several articles available mentioning whether it is budgetair legit or not? But none of them detailed it. Budgetair received a 5% trust score.

When people decide to travel, they look for vehicles, flights, and other transportation and booking. It is very hectic always to go out and book tickets before going on vacation. The best way of doing it is to check online. There are numerous sites available to check flight bookings.

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One such site is budgetair. This website gathered a lot of attention for its innovative services and facilities. But the unclear thing is whether it is good or not. We are here to find the actual reason. Be with us till the end to learn more about it. 

What is budget air?

Budget air is an airline company that provides the facility to book tickets online. They list different tickets, but they also compare other options of flights and their tickets to find an excellent opportunity to travel. Now the question, is budgetair legit? We are seeing the answer soon.

You can book hotels and cars through them. This is a Californian brand, but the main thing is that this is working throughout the globe. You can book hotels, cars, and flights from anywhere if this world. You need to search for the location, and they start showing their results.

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  • Category: ticket booking and comparison website 
  • Niche: travel
  • Contact number: no trace of any contact number is available on the website.
  • Contact address: the headquarters is located in California but is not specified.
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Special discount: available.


  • They cover almost the whole world with their services.
  • They didn’t show promotional content but only compared the prices of flights and hotels and chose the deals for everyone.
  • They offer a special discount of $10 for first-time users. Besides that, they also provide different deals and special prices for them.


  • Some complaints arise that the deals are not real.
  • Sometimes they show the fake timings.
  • There are connectivity issues available on the website.
  • All policies are not mentioned for better acknowledgment.

How to book a flight, hotel, or car?

To book a flight, hotel, or car, one much create an account first. Let’s know more about it before it is budgetair legit.

  • Go to the official website and create an account with necessary details like phone number and email.
  • After creating the account, you can see a homepage.
  • You can choose your preferred options and enter the location in the given text box on that homepage.
  • Please select the date and confirm it with payments.

Is budgetair legit?

Now, we are going to reveal whether it is legit or not. In our analysis, we get no proof of its legitimacy. On the other hand, we only got negative responses which shows how big fraud is.

After looking at every point, we must say this is not a legit platform. It is better not to spend any money on their site, and it will steal your money and sell fraudulent dreams.

What are the reviews of budget air?

The reviews are not at all good. Moreover, it is harmful and portrays a terrible picture of the association. We marked it with a 5% trust score. The answer is budgetair legit clear.

Angela says, 

Their service is so wrong. They provide wrong links to manage your reservations, and while the links are bad, they also do not allow you to do check-ins, and then the airline charges you. They take no responsibility for their mistakes.

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Jonathan says,

Scammers! I booked a flight, and I paid using my debit card. When I delivered, the system got an error saying insufficient funds, oh standard budget air! I stole my money, and until now fighting for it for a month to refund the money they took from my card without giving a confirmed booking. I sent tons of emails asking for my money back, but they only kept me hoping and promising that they would investigate. 

Linda says,

They are fraud and keep fooling people with exotic deals which is not valid.

M. Sharon says,

Don’t book anything from here. They are not trustworthy enough to spend enormous amounts on your dream travel.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score  5% 
Social media presence  No
Customer opinion Yes    

We try to share everything about is budgetair legit. It is better to stay away from them and not to trust them. They are a fake company with useless deals. Hopefully, the pictures are clear to you.

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