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Is Abebooks Legit – How to Make Money (2022)

Is Abebooks Legit

In our research to find whether it is Abebooks legit, we found several user reviews that you must read. However, we found mixed reactions, and buy and sell items easily.

There is no single person present who does not require money. Everyone needs money to some extent. Naturally, they are looking for some side source of income. Abebooks is a good option for these money-earning sources. But there are numerous fake sites; that’s why this is important to check if it is correct or not.

This website has numerous different features which can help you earn money. People have significant doubts and queries about this website as a natural result. We are here to help you with all your problems and check if it is safe to use. 

What are AbeBooks?

Abebooks is an online website that allows people to sell different products, and one can also buy the product from this website. Even books and other collective items are enlisted on this website, and one can also buy things from them.

They have a massive collection of rare books, coins, and stamps. There are different categories available on this website. Even you can generate income and money by completing some of the tasks and filling out the surveys. 

This platform is a new ray of hope for those who believe in online money-making. This marketplace mainly concentrates on fine arts, books, and other art-related things. Let’s know if is AbeBooks legit or not?


  • Category: online marketplace
  • Niche: books and collectibles and earn money
  • Contact number: No contact number is available to access.
  • Email address: [email protected] 
  • Contact address: no information about their physical address is available to follow.


  • The seller under this company has an extensive range of books and art samples at an accurate price.
  • All methods of payment are available, and they are easy to access.


  • No information regarding customer service is available to get in touch with them.
  • Tracking ids are not given to track all their orders correctly.
  • They always take high fees and extra charges to deliver all products. 
  • This company also charges a bit extra from the sellers. They also charged a high amount on membership policies. For this reason, sometimes, the seller experiences a significant loss.

What amount of money is paid to the community?

Every day one can earn money $0.01 from surveys. And other payrolls depend on the product that sellers are offering on their website, and the whole parameter depends on books and their timeline.

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Is Abebooks legit? 

Now the time has come to spit out the truth. This website is loaded with exotic items and different activities from which a person can quickly easily earn money, but the legitimacy is still not verified because they have no contact numbers during any requirements.

We did find different social media portals of this company on the Internet, and we also found four hundred plus reviews which are not so satisfactory and pleasant. 

Both social media and internet reviews are not so good, and that’s, and that’s why we cannot mark it legit but mark it as suspicious with a 30% trust score.

What are the abebook reviews?

There are different negative reviews available on their website, and we portray all of them here for your better acknowledgment.

D. Ley says,

This website offers different products but not always accurate and good quality products. He gets a damaged book from this website, and that’s why the experience is not so good.

M. Harley says,

He ordered a couple of books and coins from their websites, but he didn’t get authentic products, and the coins are all fake. 

Libido says,

She started selling her rare novel collection on this website, but the thing is, she only faced a loss for its excessive charges and inadequate services tax deduction.

M. Malic says,

She is very dissatisfied with all these products and services. There is no tracking id available to track 


Parameters Remark 
Trust score  30% 
Social media presence  Yes
Customer opinion  Yes    

According to our analysis, is abebooks legit is a wrong statement, and it is not legitimate. They enlisted fake primarily and not accurate products. So, that’s why it is better not to trust this website. 

Please share your experiences and opinions with us through our comment section below.


What is the cost of selling books on this platform?

One has to pay $25 every month to sell their book, and the commission amount is $0.49.

Is there any free shipping policy available?

Only books are available to ship free on this website.

Is creating a seller profile necessary to sell the book?

Yes, it is mandatory to create an official account to sell a book on their platform. 

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