Hey silky skin laser reviews

Hey silky skin laser reviews

Read the latest Hey silky skin laser reviews? During our research, we found much user feedback mentioned below. Do read all the comments to verify the product.


Permanent laser hair removal is costly, so everyone can’t do the therapy to remove the hair. But every problem comes with a definite solution. And as a solution, many companies are launching portable laser hair removal machines. 

Yes, you heard it right! A portable laser machine is creating a big hype among youngsters. Naturally, everyone is staring at it and curious to know more about it. Recently a specific brand named hey silky skin gets highlighted, and we are here with everything about the product. 

About hey silky skin laser?

The brand developed a unique device to help women get rid of unwanted hair. Women are tired enough with the pain waxing gives them and the itchy skin that razors give them. Many people switched to laser treatment for permanent removal, but the treatment is highly costly.


The company comes up with such a product in such problems, and we will present hey silky skin laser reviews. This is a portable electronic machine with wire which help to remove hair with laser light. According to the company, this is not a permanent solution, but the effects last longer.


  • Category: Hair removing tool
  • Price: $139
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Contact address: 283-287 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Brooklyn Park, SA 5032

What is hey silky skin price?

Let’s know about the price of the product. In this hey silky skin laser reviews, we also shared the exact cost of the product because knowing the actual price is also essential for all buyers. The only machine is selling at $139. 

But other combos start from $149 $199. They also offer a LED light Therapy mask that costs $139, and the combo of an led mask and hey silky skin laser hair removal is $199.

Is HeySilkySkin laser or IPL?


In our research on hey silky skin laser reviews, we found that many people have a dilemma that the technology of hey silky skin is laser or IPL. The answer is not laser technology and less effective as it is IPL means intense pulsed light, and the laser is a source of light that is monochromatic and coherent.

Does silk touch laser hair removal work?

The silk touch brand started serving its service in 1999. Since then, the reports tell that the tool perfectly worked well and satisfied 80% of customers. With time the hair growth decreased, and the experience started being more pleasant. Are many people having queries about Does silk touch laser works?

So, for them, the answer is the ultimate yes. The silk touch hair removal works perfectly fine and generates the best results among all other competitor brands.

Is Hey silky skin FDA approved?

No, the product is not approved by FDA. They still said that the ipl is tested in different clinics and is safe. But our research on hey silky skin laser reviews noted that the product didn’t get FDA approval.

Is Hey silky skin legit?

Now, it is time to unveil the truth. Is the product legit or not. There are thousands of responses available on the internet. The company’s authority also displayed three thousand customers and three million followers on Instagram.

But the attached Instagram link is not working, and if you try to find them on Instagram, you get zero results. So, we can’t consider this a legit product after checking all such negative points and fake social media presence.

Hey silky skin before and after

Honestly, there is no significant difference in the before and after the result of the product. Because the product is not workable, it removes hair unevenly and sometimes leaves black patches, and the main thing is it damages the skin more than gives silky smooth skin. 

What are hey silky skin laser reviews?

Now we are showing everything about hey silky skin laser hair removal reviews. The hey silky skin reviews on amazon are not so good the ratings and reviews are very adverse. Even hey silky skin review Reddit is not good. Many people are angry with the product. We also mark it as a scam with a 5% trust score.


Melissa. A said that she expected some great results from this product, but it disappointed her.

L. Martina said she didn’t recommend this product to anyone because it wastes money and effort.

Kallie said she spotted some dark patches on her skin after using the product, and it doesn’t remove hair clearly but leaves dark patches.

Sally said she was very excited to try it out, but she was disappointed because the whole product was wasted.


Parameters Remark 
Trust score 5% 
Social media presence Yes
Customer opinion Yes    

Hopefully, everything related to this hey silky skin laser reviews is crystal-like clear to you. The product is a scam, does not give you any results, and does not pamper your skin. 

Do leave your own experience and views in the comment section below and let us know about the story of your side.



What is the most effective laser hair removal?

The Skin and Silk touch laser hair removal are the most effective ones.

Does the silky skin work?

No, according to all reviews, the silky skin doesn’t work.

What is the best laser hair removal clinic machine?


The gentle max pro is the best laser hair removal clinic machine.

How often can I use HeySilkySkin?

According to the brand, one must use the hey silky skin every eight weeks.


Which brand of laser hair removal is best?

The best brand of laser hair removal is Skinnsi.

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