Garnier Olia Hair Color Reviews – Is It Worthy? [Aug 2022]

Garnier Olia Hair Color Reviews

As per the Garnier Olia hair color reviews, most users find it suitable and get positive results. But there are some cons that you must read.


Garnier Olia’s hair color has a massive fanbase among the people of the United States. In such a country where people like to keep up with new trends and experiment often with their looks, this hair color has become one of the top choices of the US audience. Keep reading to know more about this revolutionary hair color.

What is the use of Garnier Olia hair color?

It does not matter if you aim to change your style or try to cover up your whitened hair; a hair tone different from your original hair color skyrockets your confidence. One such permanent hair color is Garnier Olia, which has paved its way to the top, and we must say Garnier Olia hair color reviews are excellent. 

This particular hair color from Garnier is nothing like your conventional hair dyes. This remarkable, silky, non-drip composition is created of 60% oil. These oils include passion, meadowfoam, sunflower, and camellia oil. 


It is believed that the more the oil content, the higher the efficacy of hair dyes in imparting color. Additionally, it also has a lovely flowery fragrance!


  • 60% oil content
  • It consists of natural hair oils
  • Increases the shine of your hair 3 times than unwashed hair
  • Available in 28 shades
  • Originally made in the United States
  • The entire product kit weighs about 220 grams

Pros of the Garnier Olia hair color

  • Rich in natural oil
  • Silicone/ammonia free
  • It has a floral fragrance
  • 100% gray coverage 
  • 3x more shine
  • It suits all hair types

Cons of the Garnier Olia hair color

  • It does not last long
  • Hair becomes extremely tangled after dyeing and washing

Is Garnier Olia hair color legit or not?

It is a well-known, influential, and widely accessible brand. Garnier manufactures its products in mass and distributes them in over 100 countries worldwide. According to surveys, it is so famous and broadly used that every 1 in 3 women out of 2000 US females opted for Garnier for coloring their hair during the quarantine period. 


Furthermore, this product has excellent reviews on Amazon, with over 70% and 4-star ratings. In addition, this hair color also has a fabulous social media presence.

What are the Garnier Olia hair color reviews by the customers?


User reviews are essential to a product’s or website’s branding and marketing. In addition, they contribute to developing faith and loyalty by expressing what makes your products unique. We discovered hundreds of Garnier Olia hair color reviews from various trustworthy sources during our analysis.


A majority of people are delighted just by the fact that it contains no silicone and ammonia. People feel that their hair is in safe hands due to the absence of such harmful chemicals. The customers have also stated that it nourishes their hair and makes it extremely shiny. Furthermore, buyers have claimed that it is easy to use and comes with clear instructions.

People have also praised its enchanting fragrance and non-drip consistency, which is a central plus point as it avoids making a mess while applying. However, despite the good reviews, we also found a few negative reviews.

A few customers have commented that this hair color failed to cover their gray hair, and some have even complained that it washed out too quickly. In addition, 1 in 10 persons has issues with the dryness and fizziness that the hair color results in after you have washed your hair.

Final verdict


As stated in 80-90% of Garnier Olia hair color reviews, it does not only moisturize your hair but also makes it healthy and shiny. 

Nonetheless, olia has a thick consistency that does not let it drop from your hair. You must give it a try to see for yourself the magic of magnificent and significantly healthier-looking tresses.

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