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Dark shark Jackass

Dark shark Jackass

Why is Dark shark Jackass trending? Jasper Dolphin is his real; get all the latest updates about his past, relationships, Net worth, etc.

We will reveal the most important information about this personality on this page, like her bibliography, personal life, controversy, and various other things in detail.

About Dark Shark Jackass

Dark shark Jackass aka Jasper Dolphin is a famous personality in the United States of America that works as an artist, actor, and producer. As per a recent study, it has been said that he is the new member of the Jackass family. 

He had performed various shows and serials. He had performed one show where he played the role of jasper’s father. He had good relationships with the film industry.

He had performed several roles like gangster, comedian, and crew member roles. The funny thing about Dark shark Jackass is that he is afraid of birds.

Why is he so popular?

Nowadays, he is on buzz worldwide because of Jackass Forever, an American comedy film directed by Jeff Tremaine. This is a comedy movie that was liked by so many people and received good comments worldwide. 

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The movie was released in February 2022, and it was considered the best film in the industry. It has crossed more than $90 million, which is a significant achievement for him. There is good news for the Netflix users that was already realized in may month.

Whom had he worked with?

Dark shark jackass has worked with the famous personalities in the world like: 

  • Johnny Knoxville,
  • Chris Pontius,
  • Steve-O,
  • Sean McInerny,
  • Wee man,
  • Craig o Connell,
  • Davon Wilson.

You can check these famous personalities on the internet and get their videos that give you a lot of entertainment in your life.

He had some videos as well on the adult swim series loiter squad.


Dark shark Jackass Net Worth$4M
Real NameJasper Dolphin
Date of Birth23 Nov 1968
Birth PlaceLos Angeles
ProfessionActor, Rapper, Stunt performer
Marital statusUnmarried

About financial status

We have checked that his overall net worth is $400 million, and he earned his money primarily from comedy movies and some of them for doing the rapping. He proved himself as a successful comedian in the American industry. He is also known as Jasper Dolphin. Jackass forever. Soon we will update you regarding this.

But right, we cannot tell you about his income which he had generated from Jackass forever.

Achievements and awards

He has not received any award, but he is a hard worker, and he is putting his efforts into his work. Those who love to watch wrestling can also see him in Wrestlemania with Johnny Knoxville. He is known for “Odd future and hip hop music.

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Education and career details

Dark Shark Jackass wants privacy, and he doesn’t like to reveal his information on the internet, and that’s why not much information is available about him.

Now let’s talk about his career details. He started his career in 2007 with the odd future with his closest friends.

He gets some attention with odd future, so he makes a group known as Tyler. His group and he made a song on Lisa, released in 2008. He had performed other famous songs like Tina, swag me out, round and round, cheeseburger, and many more.

Then they decided to perform a show released in 2012 that is “Loiter squad.” After that, he performed other shows, like eric Andre’s show, wolf, etc.

Fans reviews

We have checked fans’ reviews on the internet and found that fans like his performance in the latest upcoming movie, Jackass. They loved their role very much.

Final words

We hope you get each piece of information about Dark Shark Jackass. He wants to maintain his privacy and doesn’t involve being very active on social media channels.

If you have any other information about dark shark jackass, please with us in the comment section so that it will be helpful for others as well.

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