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Cuba cruise reviews

Cuba cruise reviews

Read the latest Cuba cruise reviews? Find out the pros, cons and the facilities provided by the company. Also, note the boarding locations.

Cuba is one of the most exotic places to visit, and the best way to go there is by cruise. With a cruise, you can enjoy the wholesome natural beauty of nature and the sea. Naturally, people are eager to know reviews of Cuba cruises.

To solve their problem, we are with the much-awaited reviews. Before traveling on any cruise, one must learn all features of sails and their services. Not all cruises offer the same thing as they promised. That’s why we need to check every fact before traveling on ships. Nothing to worry we are here to portray every. 

About Cuba cruises

We are going to talk about Cuba cruise reviews. It is necessary to learn about Cuba’s cruise from its basics. There are different cruises available to go on vacation in Cuba. Recently people love to visit hidden gems kind of places. And that type of place in Cuba, and Cuba has different things to explore. 

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After analyzing the cruise line, companies intelligently grab the idea and grow their business full-fledged. We researched a lot on all such cruise lines and gathered some names and reviews to briefly let you know about them. So, let’s get deeper into it.

Places to visit in Cuba?

One can enjoy different places, the most visited ones for every passenger. We are sharing the Cuba cruise reviews here in a moment but before it, let’s see where the cruises can take you in Cuba and let you see different beautiful places. Here we are sharing some names of the famous sites.

The shore excursions depend on which port passenger’s ship is called off. If one reaches Havana, they can enjoy colonial architecture, music places, and a visit to a cigar factory. 

Apart from that, Santiago de Cuba is where people can visit the rum distillery, a historical point of view, beaches, and the biosphere reserve named Baconao.

If you reach the Cienfuegos, people can enjoy the view of El Nicho waterfall, the thought of neoclassical buildings, and culture and nature in swanky Punta Gorda.

Apart from that, we also list out the different places one must visit while they are in Cuba

  • Calida’s romantic museum, 
  • Palacio Cantero.
  • Bay of pigs
  • Maria la Gorda
  • Isla de Juventud
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Colombia

What are the available Cuba cruise line services?

After a lot of research on Cuba cruise reviews, we come up with three different names of cruises to Cuba. We are sharing all details about these three best cruises with their reviews to let you know the best 

  • Royal Caribbean 
  • Norwegian cruises 
  • MSC cruises 

About Royal Caribbean 

Royal Caribbean, referred to as RCCL in the past, is considered one of the most excellent cruises to Cuba. People have marked it as the best cruise, which gives a good sailing experience in a luxury atmosphere. 

Travelers can find enormous sports that keep them engaged, and the food and complimentary services are also appreciable. The prices of Cuba packages start from $168. 


M. Morgan says in his Cuba cruise reviews,

He is delighted with their services. The luxurious interior and great food win his heart. Even the support which they provided inshore excursions is also complimentary.

J. Tasha says,

She loved the polite staff and all the entertainment activities throughout the journey. It jeep her engaged and never let her feel out of place. She loves to travel with them.

About Norwegian Cruises 

The Norwegian knows for the best flexible dining schedule and no formal night schedule. The lavish interior of this cruise is successfully holding passengers’ interest, and the private sun decks and movie night are also impressive. The starting range is $238.98 per person.


H Johnson says,

The cabin and suites of the cruises are very cozy, and he enjoyed the cruise. The food and complimentary beverage services complement his extended vacation.

S. Anderson says,

She chooses them whenever she needs to free her mind from stress or needs a necessary change in her schedule. She loved the overall services though it is more costly than others.

About MSC cruises 

These cruises are made to get the flavor of the European atmosphere to its fullest. The prices of this cruise are pretty affordable, and the pool deck is very impressive. 

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Here on this cruise, three to eleven-year-old kids can sail for free. This is one of the most happening cruises for both adults and kids of cruises to cuba2022. The starting price is less compared to others which are $150.99.


Mark Sebastian says,

The only enjoyable area is poolside. Apart from it, one can’t enjoy much on the cruise. They are not so much luxurious as others, but it’s okay sometimes to spend time in leisure.

R. Muesli say

He didn’t like the services much because the trip was quite dull. He only enjoyed the shore excursions but claimed it was not a perfect cruise for fun-loving people.


We shared the vest information regarding the Cuba cruise reviews. We researched to find the best names and companies with you, and we try to share all the required information here. Hopefully, everything will help you. 

Don’t forget to share your experiences and opinions through the comment section below. We would love to hear your feedback.

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