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Cruise line company

Cruise line company

Top Cruise line company? We have listed some of the best Cruise companies that you may prefer—Check out the benefits, pros, cons and boarding locations.

If we deeply search about the features and conduct research on them, we can get numerous names of different cruise companies. Most of them belong to USA or US, and all their services are wholly other from one to another. They provide additional specialized services and facilities.

Here in this article, we will share all the famous cruise line service details. We will warmly reveal what service they offer, their price range, and other crucial facts such as reviews to let you know everything about the Cruise. Be with us till the end to know everything.

About Cruise line company

Cruise companies are the owner of different cruise companies. They check all schedules, manage all trips, and plan everything accordingly. A cruise line has hundreds of cruises under them. 

They have to manage all their data and gradually provide all services and passenger data to make the services smooth, pay attention to the system, and improve when required. 

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We came across many names and prepared a list of the best cruise lines that can be perfect for all. We checked everything and then included their name in our inventory. So, let’s move forward to our next segment to learn more about it.

What are the best cruise companies?

Here in the list, we choose the seven best Cruise line company which belong to different genres like mainstream, luxury, River, and Expedition. We choose the best one of all. Let’s reveal the list,

  • Carnival cruise 
  • Costa Cruises 
  • Azamara
  • Oceania cruise 
  • American cruise lines
  • A-Rosa
  • G Adventure 
  • Poseidon Expedition 

Carnival cruise 

Carnival is fallen under the mainstream Cruise. The headquarters of this Carnival cruise line company is situated in Florida. The revenue of the Cruise is nearly $10.8 billion, according to recent reports. 

They have three thousand and nine hundred employees onshore, and on the ship, the number is thirty-two thousand. 

The Cruise is known for its fun activity and poolside area. Entertainment place us more enjoyable than any other thing. One must not be bored on this ship. You can enjoy great food with different dining options and movie nights on the ship.

Price: on average, it costs $67 to $75 for one person each day.


Dowden says,

He enjoys the entertainment and food on this ship the most, but in his opinion, he is looking for a luxurious cruise which carnival is not, and it is too mainstream for him. 

Elmer says,

The services of this Cruise are pretty impressive and smooth. The deck activities are fascinating, and the people and staffs are very cooperative. 

Costa Cruises 

Costa is also a very mainstream cruise and one of the oldest cruise line company of all. The headquarters of this company is in Italy, and the total revenue of this company is $2,220. This Cruise is also suitable for American passengers, and this is a mid-size ship. 

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For one who doesn’t in too much social activity and wants to spend their vacation on a quiet ship, it is the one for them. The snacks and beverages are not included in the fare, and you have to pay for shore excursions apart from the cruise package fee. 

Price: the price range per day starts from $75 to $95 for each person.


Craig says,

This is an average cruise best for introverts and couples who want to spend time with themselves. The food and beverages price is a bit high.

Jonny Hansson says,

He traveled most on luxury cruises, but he chose a leading stream cruise to take out quality time for his family this time. This cruise services cost a bit high, but the service is not poor and bearable.


Now, let’s come to the luxury cruise line company. Azamara is a newbie in this luxury industry, but it is one of the top-rated. The total revenue is $60 million per year, which is also a costly one among all. 

You can enjoy a lot of kinds of stuff here on this Cruise. One can taste the flavor of different beverages and other food items. The posh dinner nights and movie nights are amazing to enjoy your fullest.

Prices: the prices are $200 to $300 per person.


Kathy say,

The vacation on Azamara seems to like a fantasy for her on the ship. She enjoys all kinds of social activities and movies and comedy shows. The rooms are great and comfortable.

T Freddoso,

The staffs are excellent, and they serve the best quality service to all. The passengers are very cheering, and the team is good at cleaning and maintaining hygiene throughout the trip.

Oceania cruise

This is also a luxury Cruise. The revenue of this Cruise is $413 million per year. This service provides every luxury service fro. Room breakfast to royale lunch and especially took care of the shore excursions. One can enjoy their free time on this Cruise in a royal way with an excellent interior.

Price: the starting range for Oceania is $199.


Marry ann. Say

The cruise line company offers delicious food and beverages, but not the room service and cleaning service are good. If they call staff to order something, it arrives late.

G. Mojave say

He said he expected a lot from this Cruise, but his expectations didn’t match the reality. All staffs are not so polite and rude sometimes.

American cruise lines

It is a time to present something on river cruise line company. The American cruise line is both available on sea and river. But their river service is more excellent than the sea service. The annual revenue is $78.4 million. This is a mid-size cruise with a glass interior, and they offer a great range of alcohol on their voyages.

Prices: for an average 21-day trip, they charged $13,500 per person.


J. Mandy day,

They grant significantly less time for shore excursions, and the fares are pretty much high though it is a mid-size ship.

Rojas. K says,

This ship is not for him because he enjoys a party atmosphere that is completely missing from her. Though the alcohol ranges are more suitable than others.


Here in this article, we provide the best names among all cruise lines. That’s why you need not worry about anything. We Checked all of them and included a cruise in every price range. You can go at your convenience.

Please share your experiences and feedback with us through the comment section below. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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