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Camp Eco

There is always a saying that economic traveling is always best to save money. But, wait, we changed this thought of adjustment. Why adjust when you have one of the most affordable packages, introducing the “Camp Eco.”

Here, in this package, you will get a camp for two persons with two times meals included. The most amazing part of this package is that you can take advantage of our two-wheelers service. Don’t worry if you are in a group/family or don’t want to bother riding a bike; you can also rent a four-wheeler.

All rented vehicles provided will cost less than the market price. Our Camp Eco” is a unique blend of the economic-priced package with no compromise on comfort. That is the reason why most of the short stay’s visitors choose this package because it offers you more than the expectation. 

However, there are also a few other popular packages we have that you must have checked out.

You will get:

  • 1 Camp for 2 people (toddlers are allowed)
  • 2 meals: Breakfast + Dinner
  • Rented 2/4 wheelers service (optional, extra cost)

Need of Camp Eco?

As we mentioned in the above description, it is essential to provide visitors/travelers a proper package with unique service, which today’s tour operators lack.

There are several issues that a person faces during their journey. So, to overcome such issues, we decided to introduce such “Unique Packages” that each individual who visits Uttarakhand must enjoy and make their tour memorable.

There are several more ideas in a pipeline that we will put on the floor on upcoming days so that each traveler will never face any problem regarding comfort, misguided tour, or any other difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do we provide guided tours?

A. Yes, we do provide a guided tour. You can also book it during your visit, so there is no need to worry about that.

Q. Can I book 2/4 wheelers after visiting the camp?

A. Yes, we do provide the service before/after. But we can’t guarantee during peak seasons, so we will suggest doing confirmation before.

Q. Do I need a license for a rented vehicle?

A. Yes, following all the guidelines is mandatory, as a valid driving license. It is mandatory for both Indians and foreigners.

For any queries or information, you can directly contact us or mail us.

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